British Lead Climbing Championships 2011

By Luke Tilley>

There is still so much to tell about a complete shake up of my routines having started studying at Leeds University, but here is a quick update on the competition circuit!

I drove up to Edinburgh with a sunken heart; the shadow of a finger tweak still hanging over me. I was well rested though and I had some hope that everything would be ok. Carol Heyes the Team physio was a star and quickly pinpointed the tender spot and talked me through it and gave me confidence to see how would go. I am super fortunate (and careful to take every precaution), it seems the injury was recovered enough to take the weekends battle on.

The Battle commenced and with results that I could not have believed possible a couple of days previously, I was chomping at Ed’s heals on both days only a move behind which was satisfying. A poor turn out on both day was a shame and adding to my increasing frustratration at the attitude to excellence in the country, but that will be a whole other article.

The results from the competition can be found on the BMC website.

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