BMC Coaching Day

By Kenny Stocker>

I was lucky enough to have my name put forward for the BMC National Academy training days. I went to the first training day at The Edge at Sheffield. We were put into six groups, each group had 4 or 5 climbers and their own Coach. I was put in a group with fellow team mate Georgia Hoyland. We started with bouldering, our Coach observed us climbing and offered handy tips on how to improve our climbing. He set us climbs which especially included certain moves we could improve, such as; rockovers, bridging and twisting.

After lunch our group moved onto roped climbing, and the coach introduced training tools to us, whilst still observing and offering advice. The session was rounded off with a one to one chat between the Coach my Dad and myself. The Coach explained where my climbing was weak and how to set about improving these areas. They gave me a BMC Coaching Training Diary which I have to fill in with details of all the training I do and I have to take it to the next session which is in January.

The only other thing was my Dad went to a session in the morning whilst I was bouldering, that he said was really good. It was all about training and training methods and how to keep it interesting.
The coaches were all really friendly and it was a great day out. I can’t wait till January.

Joe Czubkowski

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