Men's Wetsuits & Swimwear

Men's Wetsuits & Swimwear

Tested in UK lakes, rivers and seas our wetsuits are designed by swimmers for great temperature retention, comfort and using buoyancy to promote a natural swimming style... Read more

Element Wetsuit Jacket [Mens]

Front zip wetsuit jacket. Keep warm your way and easy to put on.
Was €109,99

Element Wetsuit Vest [Mens]

Front zip wetsuit vest. Keep warm your way and easy to put on.
Was €94,99

Element Wetsuit Pants [Mens]

Wetsuit pants. Keep warm your way and easy to put on.
Was €109,99

Element Wetsuit Shorts [Mens]

Wetsuit shorts. Keep warm your way and easy to put on.
Was €84,99

Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

Natural swimming position with thinner more flexible neoprene
Was €169,99

Duel Wetsuit [Mens]

Front zip shorty swimming wetsuit. Getting in and out of it is a doddle
Was €179,99

Lotic Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

Our best all-round wetsuit for outdoor swimming in open water
Was €219,99

Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

Fleece-lined wetsuit for long swims and braving icy waters
Was €289,99


Warm and weatherproof changing cloak for before and after swimming and activity
Was €149,99


Swim shorts for warmer waters and the bravest of plunges
Was €22,49

Hythe [Mens]

Jammer swim shorts for warm weather swimming and icy dips
From €24,99
Was €29,99
  • Paprika
  • Tarmac

Hurley [Mens]

Long sleeved top for outdoor swimming without a wetsuit
Was €44,99

Rockford [Mens]

Classic swim shorts, quick drying for pool use and outdoor swims
Was €29,99

Wind River [Mens]

Hybrid swim-hike shorts: lightweight and quick drying
Was €59,99

Coniston Swimming Cap

Silicone swimming cap for hydrodynamic outdoor swimming
Was €5,99

Outdoor Swimming Cap

Neoprene swimming cap to keep your head warm in icy waters
Was €39,99

Outdoor Swimming Gloves

Neoprene swimming gloves for chilly open water swimming
Was €39,99

Outdoor Swimming Socks

Neoprene swimming socks for chilly open water swimming
Was €44,99

Rydal Goggle

Flat lens outdoor swimming goggles with an antifog coating
Was €14,99

Kisdon Goggle

Open water swimming goggles with UV protection, an antifog coating and curved lenses
Was €19,99


Nose clip and ear plug set
Was €4,99
  • Reef
  • Rocket
  • Flo Orange


Bright tow float with waterproof pocket for open water swimming safety
Was €44,99

Mountains Beach Towel

Mountains design towel with maximum towelability
Was €24,99

GNPDGT Beach Towel

100% cotton comfy and cosy beach towel
Was €24,99

Alpkit Beach Towel

Highly towelled Alpkit towel with cotton towelling
Was €24,99

Sonder Beach Towel

Highly towelled Sonder towel with cotton towelling
Was €24,99

Made for outdoor swimming 

Our wetsuits promote a natural swimming style with flexibility and freedom of movement for a variety stroke - breaststroke, crawl or backstroke.