Nose clip and ear plug set


Nose clip and ear plug set to bung up your bonce and stop it filling with water

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Seal up your noggin from waterborne nasties and flooded sinuses with the Nose & Plug set. Keeping your head bunged up improves bonce buoyancy by up to 0.03% .*

The silicone ear plugs are tree-shaped to fit a range of ear sizes, from tiny tabs to massive lugs, and the polycarbonate nose clip stretches to fit over your hooter. We’ve included a plastic case so you can store them hygienically.

*No proven scientific evidence exists to support this claim, only anecdotal evidence of Alp-testers plunging their heads into buckets.


Key Features

  • Tree-shaped ear plugs to fit a range of different ear canal sizes
  • Polycarbonate nose clip stretches to fit
  • Plastic carry case included
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Ear plugs: 100% silicone Nose clip: 100% polycarbonate

Care & Environmental Advice

Product Care Information

​You should probably wash all the snot and ear wax off every now and again, but we’re not your mother…


The Details

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