Men's Merino Clothing

Men's Merino Clothing

Our ultrafine merino wool baselayers are from the finest ethically sourced merino wool you can buy. Comfortable, temperature regulating and odour resistant: it's nature's technical fabric. Goodbye itchy and scratchy.. Read more

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Kepler Short Sleeve [Mens]

Pure ultrafine non-mulesed merino wool base layer
Bundle price From €27,49
  • Paprika
  • Nemo
  • Tarmac

Kepler Long Sleeve [Mens]

Premium 160 gsm ultrafine merino long sleeve base layer
From €34,99
Was €54,99

Kepler Zip Top [Mens]

Naturally anti-microbial superfine merino long-sleeved base layer
From €39,99
Was €69,99
  • Navy
  • Tarmac
  • Nemo

Kepler Velo Short Sleeve [Mens]

Short-sleeved merino blend cycling jersey with a full length zip
From €39,99
Was €69,99

Kepler Velo Long Sleeve [Mens]

Long-sleeved merino blend cycling jersey with a full length zip
Bundle price €74,99
  • Paprika
  • Slate
  • Tarmac

Kepler Briefs [Mens]

Super comfortable, natural fibre technical merino briefs
From €17,49
Was €27,49
  • Black
  • Tarmac
  • Nemo

Kepler Boxers [Mens]

Super comfortable, natural fibre technical merino boxer shorts
Bundle price From €19,99
  • Paprika
  • Black

Kepler Padded Boxer [Mens]

Breathable and odour-resistant merino undershorts
Bundle price From €34,99
  • Paprika
  • Black

Kepler Long John [Mens]

Merino leggings for cold weather layering
Bundle price €54,99

Kepler Liner Glove

Merino liner glove corespun with nylon for durability
Bundle price €27,49

Kepler Heavyweight Beanie

Pure merino wool beanie, double-layered for warmth
Bundle price €22,49

Kepler Merino [Mens] Twin Pack

Premium 160g merino short sleeve and long sleeve baselayer t-shirts for active sports in warmer conditions
Was €99,99

Insulated Running Combo Bundle [Mens]

Colder Weather Running Kit
Was €209,99

Kepler Merino Boxer And Brief Bundle [Mens]

Pick and Mix Kepler Boxer Multi Pack
Was €89,99

Kepler LIner Beanie

Low-bulk, high-warmth merino wool hat fitting neatly under helmets
Bundle price €17,49
  • Black
  • Paprika

Natures Technical Fabric

As nature’s own technical fabric, merino wool is an insulating base layer that also happens to be anti-microbial, temperature regulating and moisture-wicking. It acts as a natural deodorant for stink-free days where a shower might be a couple of days away and is great for layering in the cold or keeping cool during the day.

Merino base layers are popular on multi-day hikes or bikepacking adventures because they’re easy to wash and fast-drying. They’re perfect for underneath your technical layers as well as inside your sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep.

Quality and sustainability

Our Kepler clothing is only made from certified non-mulesing farms which ensures there’s no finer merino out there than ours.