Imagine a world without socks. It doesn't really bear thinking about so we made lots of them: socks of all sizes to run, hike and bike. Socks for everyone... Read more


Bamboo socks which feel oh so lovely on your feet
Was €17,49


3 pack of mid-length cycling socks with mesh ventilation
Was €17,49


Comfortable and odour free from added natural silver thread for its anti-microbial qualities
Was €34,99

Rana Waterproof

Waterproof crew cut socks with a flexible and breathable membrane
Was €54,99

Heavy Weight Hiker

Thick and warm boot-length mountaineering sock
Was €19,99
  • Denim and Space Grey
  • Tarmac


Pack of 2 COOLMAX® mid-weight walking socks
Bundle price €19,99
  • Tarmac
  • Reef

Aktif Ankle

3 low-cut and lightweight COOLMAX® sports socks
Bundle price €17,49


Synthetic insulated slippers with 3M Thinsulate™ featherless fill
Was €49,99

The secret weapon of a successful day out, the humble sock needs no introduction. They work hard in the background to keep your feet comfortable, blister-free and not too sweaty. Whether you’re gearing up for a long day on your feet, a big day in the mountains, a fast and light day on the trail, an early morning pedal, or you just have really smelly feet*, find your ‘sole mate’ in our sock range.

We've bamboo socks, merino socks, dual skin socks, waterproof socks, COOLMAX socks and traditional wool for running, riding, hiking, climbing and mountaineering

*if you have smelly feet, we recommend Ag47 or Momentum merino!