Bivvy Bags

Bivvy Bags

A bivvy bag is a waterproof and breathable bag that converts your sleeping bag to an overnight shelter. There are few things in this world greater than a night under the stars with the warmth of a new day spilling over the horizon. Our bivvy bags are the perfect partner for such adventures. They're for camping and multi-day adventures and have been tested in the wildest weather.

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Waterproof and breathable bivvy bag weighing less than 400g
Lightweight, waterproof hooped bivvy bag weighing less than 1kg
Ultralight, waterproof bivvy bag with a zipped opening weighing just 285g
Extra large, breathable and waterproof bivvy bag weighing under 500g
Solo camping bivvy bag, headtorch and rucksack bundle
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Bivvy Bags

If you choose to bivvy you've chosen a minimalist approach to camping or are moving fast and light. You want your bivvy bag to be lightweight, you want it to pack small and you want it to be as tough as you are. Our best-selling Hunka and Hunka XL are made from ripstop nylon for rugged micro adventures. Kloke is our super lightweight option coming in at a hardly-know-you're-carrying it 285g.

Waterproof bivvy bags

Our bivvy bags have a hydrostatic head rating of at least 10,000mm - well above the 1,500mm required to call something "fully waterproof". So you can sleep dry and easy in the knowledge your bivvy won't turn into a wet one if bad weather blows in.

Hooped bivvy bags

Elan takes things up a notch with its hooped construction giving wet weather performance comparable to a backpacking tent but in a bivvy-sized package. It's for ultimate protection from the elements.

Which bivvy bag should I buy?

You can compare our bivvy bags in the table below to help you choose which one is right for you. All our bivvy bags come with a stuff sack to make packing them up easy.

Property Hunka Hunka XL Kloke Elan
Type Regular X-Large Ultralight Hooped
Weight 330g 490g 285g 900g
Length 215cm 235cm 215cm 225cm
Pack size 13 x 15cm 16 x 23cm 12 x 20cm 11 x 39cm
Waterproof rating 10,000mm 10,000mm 20,000mm 10,000mm
Hunka Regular
Hunka XL X-Large
Kloke Ultralight
Elan Hooped

Hunka 330g
Hunka XL 490g
Kloke 285g
Elan 900g

Hunka 215cm
Hunka XL 235cm
Kloke 215cm
Elan 225cm

Pack size
Hunka 13 x 15cm
Hunka XL 16 x 23cm
Kloke 12 x 20cm
Elan 11 x 39cm

Waterproof rating
Hunka 10,000mm
Hunka XL 10,000mm
Kloke 20,000mm
Elan 10,000mm