Scottish lochs, Lakeland tarns… Silvertip has a thermal lining that makes it perfect for dipping your toes into icy waters… or, rather, plunging into them.

Silvertip is our go-to cold water swimming wetsuit, designed in collaboration with industry guru Dean Jackson to be warm and buoyant but not too thick to swim comfortably in.

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Turn Silvertip inside out and you’ll see the fleece-lined inner. This lining traps more water close to the skin, preventing it from flowing around and helping you to retain hear. It also makes it easier to pull your suit on and off.

Providing ample insulation and buoyancy without making your suit to bulky is delicate balance. We’ve used thicker neoprene on the back and bum to increase buoyancy, which promotes a more efficient swimming position and helps your legs to keep going on longer swims. We’ve used thinner neoprene under the arms, shoulders, and across the chest for flexibility, giving you the freedom of movement you need for long powerful strokes.

Glideskin neoprene makes up most of Silvertip’s outer. This gives it excellent dirt and water repellence and reduces drag through water so that you move more efficiently. Glideskin also reduces heat conduction from the body, making it warmer than standard neoprene. The lower leg is a high abrasion area, so we’ve used nylon-faced neoprene around the calf and shin for added durability.

The wrists, ankles, shoulders and neck feature flashes of silver for better visibility. A long lanyard zip-puller up the back means you can get into your wetsuit without relying on a passer-by to help you!

Whether you’re an aggressive, powerful swimmer going the distance in cold waters, or a less proficient swimmer who just feels the cold more, Silvertip will get you out in the water no matter the season.

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Key Features

  • High buoyancy suit with a thermal lining for longer swims in colder waters
  • Extra buoyancy promotes a more efficient swimming position and helps your legs keep going for longer
  • Glideskin neoprene reduces drag, so you can swim more efficiently
  • Thinner neoprene around shoulders, chest and underarms for unrestricted arm movement
  • Abrasion resistant nylon-faced neoprene on the lower leg for durability
  • Long lanyard on rear zip so you can get in and out of your wetsuit independently
  • Zipped pouch on the inside for valuables
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats

Panel Construction

Neck: 2.5 mm Glideskin
Chest: 3 mm Glideskin
Back: 4 mm Glideskin
Shoulder: 2 mm Glideskin
Lower Sleeve Cuff: 1.5 mm Glideskin
Butt: 4 mm Glideskin
Crotch: 2.5 mm Glideskin
Armpit Panel: 2.5 mm Glideskin
Upper Leg: 4 mm Glideskin
Lower Leg Front: 3 mm Standard Neoprene
Lower Leg Back: 2 mm Standard Neoprene
Lower Leg Cuff: 2 mm Glideskin

Origin: China

Care & Environmental Advice

Product Care Information

When you are pulling on your suit take care not to use your finger nails. Check your suit for fit and range of motion. Your suit will feel different when wet. Rinse your suit out with fresh water after each use. Hang the wetsuit inside out and allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat source. Store your suit in a cool room on a wide plastic coat hanger. Roll your suit when transporting rather than fold. Don’t use petroleum products with your suit as this will damage the neoprene. Small tears can be repaired with neoprene cement/glue.

Size Guide
Men's wetsuit sizing chart
Size Height Weight
X Small (Duel only) 5'0" to 5'6" 55 to 65 kg
Short & Strong 5'5" to 5'11" 75 to 85 kg
Small 5'4" to 5'10" 60 to 70 kg
Small Tall (Duel only) 5'7" to 6'1" 65 to 75 kg
Medium 5'8" to 6'1" 70 to 80 kg
Medium & Tall (Not Duel) 5'9" to 6'2" 70 to 80 kg
Large 5'9" to 6'2" 80 to 90 kg
X Large 5'9" to 6'2" 90 to 100 kg
Tall & Strong (Duel only) 5'10" to 6'4" 80+ kg
Note: These suits are sized for a performance fit, so if you are unused to wearing a swimming wetsuit you may still find it tight. If you prefer a comfort fit go up a size, but note it will be less thermally efficient.
Outdoor Swimming Society Great Wetsuit Test

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The Details

Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit in action