Leading Ladder Final 2012

By Kenny Stocker>

The leading ladder final, held in Redding yesterday had a small but strong turn out of team Crush members. Flo and Billy were both in category C under 16 and did fabulously. Joe was in the A category, although I’m not entirely sure why. He was climbing better than me! I saw him on the 7b which is at least 2 grades above his group’s hardest climb getting a well earned place on the podium.
Flo came 2nd to Tara Hayes (out of 2, but that’s not the point!). She climbed really well, cruising the 7b. This was totally unacceptable seen as I’d just come off it for the second time, especially as I was belaying her. I think a law should be passed about little sisters crushing their older siblings… Where’s the respect?!
Billy finished 3rd in a ridiculously strong category. I literally watched with my mouth open at some of their climbing! They are all so little yet the top 4 (including Billy) did the 7c with apparent ease (although he assures me otherwise). I have so much respect for these beasts!
And then there was me. I have to say I wasn’t the most motivated, ok that’s an understatement. However, with the help of some chocolate and some awesome inspiration I pulled through! I actually climbed quite well and almost did the 7b! I ended up 2nd in category B, beaten by another young crusher, Emily Allen, who did get the 7b.
It was a pretty awesome day with every one of us that came on the podium. That’s something to be truly proud of! Well done!

Naomi Tilley
El Capo

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