The Perfect Combination

By Ashleigh Naysmith

The British weather has been typically grim recently; this is beautifully demonstrated by the heavy shower outside my window right now.
However, today was beautiful, so some friends and I took the opportunity to catch some rays and get a bit of climbing in.

We took a leisurely journey to Black Rocks via an ice cream in Matlock Bath.

There were numerous routes that I wanted to attempt but I wanted to have a relaxed day to enjoy the sun, rock and lack of revision. I eyed up Gaia for a while but concluded that I should save it for another day!

Although I did not lead any routes today, I top roped a few routes around the area. The rock was a little damp in places but was mostly very positive. It had been so long since I had climbed on grit in such amazing weather.

All in all, it was a productive, relaxing day climbing that reminded me how much I am looking forward to the summer and the great days out climbing in the sun with friends.

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