Euro rock trip

By Luke Tilley>

My bags are packed to bursting, have I got everything? 2 days have passed since the weight of A levels was lifted mercifully from my shoulders. The euphoria has not yet subsided, if anything it has been ramped up a notch as within the hour I will be on the first leg of the journey of what will be a 5 week trip to France.

I am travelling to Ceuse with the Hamer brothers and their van, we are camping for 3 weeks and packing in some serious climbing. The hour walk every morning up the mountain will make sure we are in form by the World Champs in August. From Ceuse I am going to attempt to hitchhike westwards to another area of the Pyrenees called the Ariège where I am meeting the Family for a 2 week climbing holiday, for a bit of a break! From there I will reconvene with the Hamer lads in Innsbruck, Austria for the 3rd European Youth Cup and 10 days later the Youth World Championships. We are hoping to explore the climbing areas around in the time between competing hopefully spending several days at Zillertal.

This trip will by my first experience of the world class crags around Europe and I am supper psyched to be spending a decent amount of time at them. Goals for the trip are: not to burn out, climb awe-inspiring lines hopefully pushing my grade up to somewhere around the 8b mark and make it across the 9 pages of photocopied road map in my bag to my beloved family!

I will try to keep you updated along the way, if we find a internet café somewhere!

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