Paul and Alison take on the Dam Wall

Paul and Alison take on the Dam Wall

By Paul Alexander>

I am one of them team working here in Alpkit's UK factory making bike luggage, bouldering pads, duffles and more. I put my passion for the outdoors into these products but earlier this year along with my partner Alison I re-channelled that energy to take on the huge Diga di Luzzone wall climb.

I introduced my plans to take on the challenge back in June. It was atmospheric to say the least. We had borrowed walkie talkies thinking we would need them to communicate our instructions clearly but they were soon abandoned. You could hear a pin drop and even the tiniest sounds echoed down the valley.

Our tale is a mini adventure, flying over to Switzerland (for two people that don't like flying!), attempting to overcome the language barrier and a bunch of other hiccups. We were raising money for a local children's playhouse and we are super passionate about the cause. We didn't make the top, but with 80% of the climb done and 4 out of 5 huge pitches under are belt, we will be back for a second shot as soon as we can!

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