Custom Made Bikepacking Bags

Stingray Frame Bag

Stingray maximises your storage space, keeping your set-up as streamlined as possible. Custom options include fabric type, zips, colour, width, padding, hydration and cable ports, pockets, stitching colour. We also make bags for complicated suspension setups.

Build your own custom Stingray here...

Made in the UK with Precision and Care

We manufacture under our own roof, we work with technical fabrics fit for the rigours of outdoor use. We produce sewn goods which last and can be easily repaired. We know how to make stuff that works and can tailor our bikepacking bags to your specifications

HOW TO ORDER: Easy as 1-5...

1. Cut out your frame template.
Watch the 'how to' video for help, or download our frame template guide.

2. Choose your frabric and colour.
For help deciphering your VX21 from your Cordura, download our helpful guide to fabrics.

3. Make it yours!
With a plethora of customisable options, you can tailor your bag to suit your specific needs.

4. Place your order and send your template.
Make sure to send us your template as soon as you place your order. We can't make your bag without it.

5. Sit back and plan your next adventure!
With your ultimate frame bag on the way, it's time to plan for the ultimate bikepacking trip.

More custom products from our UK factory
With experts in fabrics and product development leading the way in our factory, bikepacking bags are just the beginning. Get yourself some big project protection with our seriously tough 1100d Cordura bouldering mats, or take a hike with wax cotton rucksacks...
Handlebar bag with roll-top closure: UK made, weatherproof, 5L expandable capacity
Canister handlebar bag: UK made, weatherproof, 4L
Top tube bag: UK made, weatherproof, available in 3 sizes
Lightweight stem-mounted bikepacking bag in 1 and 1.5L sizes
Saddle pack: UK made, weatherproof, 7L
Large saddle pack: UK made, weatherproof, 13L
Frame bag for road and gravel bikes: UK made, weatherproof, available in 3 sizes
€84,99 €99,99
Frame bag for mountain bikes: UK made, weatherproof, available in 3 sizes
€79,99 €94,99
Custom-made bike frame bag: UK made, bespoke design, weatherproof
Extra-long top tube bag: UK made, weatherproof, 1.25L
Half-length frame bag: UK made, weatherproof, 1.5L
Front fork cage bag: UK made, fully waterproof, 3L
10 litre pannier for cycle touring
20L pannier for commuting and cycle tours
Small waxed cotton daypack with an 18L capacity
€69,99 €119,99
UK made 24L cordura duffle bag
Hip pack: UK made, weatherproof, 3L
Hinge style pad ideal for frequent boulderers, 100 x 132 x 11cm
Large hinged pad for high falls and big projects, 127 x 160 x 15cm
€289,99 €349,99
Large taco bouldering pad for frequent boulderers, 134 x 100 x 11cm
Taco bouldering mat for your local circuit, 100 x 100 x 8cm
€149,99 €179,99
Small bouldering pad for sit starts and up-close impacts, 80 x 50 x 6cm
Cordura® chalk bag with waist strap for sport, trad or bouldering
€19,99 €34,99
Dropper post compatible saddle pack mount: prevents saddle bag movement while riding
Dual-ended handlebar bag: UK made, weatherproof, 13L
Loop bar handlebar bag: UK made, weatherproof, 4L
Handlebar bag harness: adds ultimate stability to your handlebar bag
Fold-out saddle tool roll: storage for the "every ride" essentials
€24,99 €29,99
Saddle pack: UK made, weatherproof, 0.5L
€24,99 €29,99
Saddle pack: UK made, weatherproof, 2L
€44,99 €54,99
Accessory wallet compatible with handlebar bags: UK made, weatherproof
€24,99 €44,99