The Fuel Pod Cradle system keeps your top tube bag stable when riding off-road and allows you to quickly detach your bag to take valuables with you at shop, pub and café stops.

  • Allows you to quick detach and attach the Fuel Pod* 
  • Keeps your bag stable when riding off-road
  • Durable materials and a reinforced construction

The innovative Cradle system sits on your bike and holds the Fuel Pod* in place like a rigid but wholly inedible taco shell. This keeps the top tube bag stable when riding off-road and allows you to attach and reattach it with minimal faff – faff is the bikepacker’s nemesis! The bag lifts straight out while the Cradle stays securely strapped to your bike – ideal for taking your valuables with you at short pit stops.

The Fuel Pod Cradle is designed to last, ride after ride, with hardwearing materials and all stress points reinforced using bar tack stitching. The Cradle is made from super abrasion resistant 1100D Cordura® to survive repeated rubbing. The Fuel Pod Cradle is compatible with the Fuel Pod (*pre-August 2022 version).

Handmade and designed on the edge of the Peak District by our talented factory team, the Fuel Pod Cradle comes with a 25-year Alpine Bond.


Key Features

  • Cradle system makes it easier to detach and reattach your bag at pit stops
  • Rigid cradle supports your Fuel Pod for extra stability off-road
  • Abrasion and tear resistant materials with a reinforced construction for durability
  • Compatible with the pre-August 2022 versions of the Fuel Pod
  • 25 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


1100D Cordura® nylon, pre-folded polypropylene


Size: 20 x 8 x 6cm



Origin: United Kingdom

Sustainability & Care

Product Care Information

The Fuel Pod Cradle has a DWR coating which helps it to repel water and dirt. After your ride, wipe down your holder with a damp cloth to remove dirt or use mild soap on more stubborn muck. Leave to air dry.