Going coast to coast

Going coast to coast

By Col>

Earlier this year the Alpkit Foundation was pleased to support a project involving a group of five residents from the Amber Foundation that would challenge them to plan, train and ultimately cycle from lfracombe to Plymouth, using the Sustains/NCN route, whilst also incorporating a camp over night at the half-way point before completing the challenge at the Hoe in Plymouth on the second day.

Sharon from Amber takes up the story. "The Amber Foundation is a small charity that provides support to young homeless people - helping them to transform their lives by building self worth, skills and positive pathways. Our residents are tackling a number of issues when they enter the program and activities that engage and challenge positively really enhance the environment and development of all. The project will build fitness, confidence and teamwork and will involve a team of five of our residents. It provides vital life skills development - navigation, endurance, bike skills and above all - the chance to undertake a physical and emotional challenge and succeed."

The Amber Foundation has a limited supply of old and rather poor quality equipment, so with the help of the Alpkit Foundation we hope they can work towards building up a resource that can be used to benefit numerous young lives.

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