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This is your opportunity to get hands-on with the latest in e-gravel biking technology and see for yourself what all the buzz is about! There is no better way to experience the joys of an e-bike than to sit your bum on one and ride.

Our 10 stores across the UK all now have a Sonder El Camino for you to see and try.

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Arrange your visit

  • Every store has an El Camino e-gravel bike for you to see and try. This is just the beginning; more are arriving in early 2024 and will be added to our online demo booking system. Until then, please contact your store and arrange a time to get up close and personal with the El Camino.

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  • Our El Camino e-gravel bike sits alongside our other bikes, offering one of the most comprehensive adventure bike ranges in the UK. Browse our range of e-bikes. gravel, mountain and road bikes online before you visit.

Book a bike demo online

  • Booking your demo online is super convenient. Visit our online booking page to see what is available in each store. We will add El Camino to the online booking system early in 2024.

Experience the e-Gravel bike difference

At Alpkit, we believe that the best way to understand the appeal of e-gravel bikes is to try them out for yourself. Our demo sessions are designed to give you a comprehensive experience, from understanding the mechanics of these bikes to feeling the thrill of riding them. Here is how we do it.

Expert guidance on hand

Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to guide you through the features of our e-gravel bike, offering advice tailored to your riding style and preferences.

Experience the evolution: The El Camino E-Gravel Bike shares its roots with the award-winning Camino

With the same long-distance capabilities as its non-electric counterpart, El Camino doesn't compromise agility, speed or comfort. It is confidence-inspiring over the rough stuff and handles well, whether loaded or unloaded. Embarking on the journey of purchasing an e-bike can be filled with uncertainties. Erase those doubts by getting in the saddle and spinning those wheels.

Progressive geometry: Feel the difference

El Camino isn't just any e-gravel bike; it's a fusion of agility, speed, and comfort. Its progressive geometry mirrors its award-winning non-electric counterpart, ensuring a smooth ride over diverse terrains. Whether you're navigating the rugged stretches of the King Alfred Way or cruising through the West Kernow Way, the bike's design ensures comfort and control, both when loaded and unloaded. During a test ride, you can physically feel how this geometry makes for an intuitive and confident ride.

Unleash more adventures

The standout feature of the El Camino is the Kynamic BC250 system, providing a seamless integration of power to match your efforts. It's not just about more miles; it's about experiencing those miles differently. Through a demo, you can witness firsthand how this system elevates your riding experience, making climbs more manageable and rides more enjoyable.

Lightweight agility

An essential aspect often overlooked is the bike's weight. The El Camino, only slightly heavier than its non-electric version, offers an ease of mobility that's best experienced in person. During a demo, you can test how simple it is to manoeuvre, whether you're lifting it over a gate or onto your bike rack.

Powerful and customisable riding experience

The integrated control panel on the El Camino allows for a tailored ride, with three power settings to suit your needs. From a low-power setting for prolonged rides to a max-power setting for a quick sprint, a demo lets you toggle through these options and feel the difference in real time.

Adventure-ready design

The El Camino boasts features like ample tyre clearance, Alpha EX wheelsets, and multiple mounting options, making it ideal for bikepacking and long adventures. With our full range of bikepacking and cycle touring luggage in store, you can load a bike and play around until you find your perfect set-up. A demo ride allows you to gauge how these features translate into real-world utility and convenience.

Service and support

A visit to a store also gives you a taste of the after-sales experience. You can learn about the ease of servicing, availability of spare parts, and the overall reliability of the Alpkit support system.

Are you feeling it?

The most significant advantage of a demo is getting the bike's real feel. El Camino is designed to perform exceptionally with or without power assistance. This dual nature of the bike, often hard to convey through words or images, becomes clear during a ride.

Test ride around the UK, our stores are the perfect destinations for an e-bike demo adventure

Our stores are in locations that provide the perfect backdrop for testing an e-gravel bike like the El Camino, with a mix of terrains that truly showcase their versatility.

Each location is a fantastic choice for a test ride. In fact, we realised they were so good that we decided to start our Winter Gravel Series from our own front door. Let's explore what makes these locations stand out:


Nestled in the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is a gateway to rugged landscapes and scenic routes. The proximity to trails and the Great Glen Way makes it an excellent spot to test the El Camino's capabilities on varied terrains, from steep ascents to serene loch-side paths.


Scotland's historic capital, Edinburgh, combines urban landscapes with easy access to nearby hills and off-road trails. It's an ideal setting to experience how the El Camino transitions from city streets to more challenging rural paths and trails in the Pentland Hills.


Located near Newcastle, the Metrocentre area offers a blend of urban settings and nearby countryside. It’s perfect for experiencing the bike's versatility in both city environments and on rural trails along the River Tyne.


In the heart of the Lake District, Keswick is surrounded by some of the UK's most stunning landscapes. This location allows you to push the El Camino to its limits on mountainous terrain around Skiddaw or Derwent Water.


Also in the Lake District, Ambleside provides access to a variety of trails and terrains. From challenging mountain passes to picturesque valley routes, it's a great place to experience the bike’s performance in a diverse range of settings.


In the heart of Snowdonia National Park, this Welsh location is surrounded by some of the most challenging and beautiful trails in the UK. It's an ideal spot for testing the El Camino's endurance and handling on steep, technical terrains.


Located in West Yorkshire, Ilkley sits near the famous Yorkshire Dales. This location offers a mix of challenging hill climbs and scenic routes, perfect for experiencing the e-bike's power and range.


In the Peak District, Hathersage is surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque landscapes. The area’s gravelled terrain is great for testing the El Camino’s agility and comfort over longer distances. One of our favourites is a dash around the Ladybower Reservoir.


A vibrant city with easy access to both urban routes and nearby countryside, Bristol provides an excellent opportunity to test the bike's versatility in different environments, from city commuting to off-road adventures.


On the outskirts of London, Kingston offers a unique mix of urban riding and nearby countryside trails. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to experience the El Camino's performance in both city, rural settings and beyond to the North and South Downs.

Each Alpkit store location provides a unique backdrop to truly understand and enjoy the capabilities of the El Camino e-bike. From urban commutes to adventurous off-road trails, these locations offer the perfect opportunity to put the El Camino through its paces and experience the future of e-biking.

What are you waiting for?

A demo ride bridges the gap between perception and experience, allowing you to appreciate the nuances of its design, performance, and suitability for your needs. So why wait? Get yourself along to an Alpkit store this holiday season and embark on a journey of discovery with the El Camino e-gravel bike.

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