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Broken Road GX Eagle

Wilderness trail bike


Multi-day titanium expedition hardtail designed for big mountain days and fully loaded...

Broken Road GX Eagle

Photos for illustration purposes. Please check the bike spec for detailed component listings.
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Broken Road GX Eagle

Wilderness trail bike


Multi-day expedition, titanium mountain bike with SRAMs new GX Eagle drivetrain, RockShox Recon forks and Sonder Alpha 27.5+ boost wheels; designed for big mountains and fully-loaded for adventures.

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Broken Road GX Eagle

Wilderness trail bike


Multi-day expedition, titanium mountain bike with SRAMs new GX Eagle drivetrain, RockShox Recon forks and Sonder Alpha 27.5+ boost wheels; designed for big mountains and fully-loaded for adventures.

Buy Now. We'll build yours in 5 - 10 days.

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    Every Sonder bike is built to order so tell us exactly how you want it. Make any changes you want from the standard build and when you’re done, just hit “Add to bag” at the bottom of the page.


  • Handlebar

    • Sonder Aspect Riser 780mm

    • Sonder Aspect Riser [OEM]

      In general riser bars tend to be wider than flat bars and may have slightly more flex to give a more forgiving ride. As you go into descents and your arms drop below your knees the additional height gained on your front end will help you take control of the steep descents.

      That said you can get all bar types in a range of widths and stiffnesses and front end height can be adjusted with spacers like our Sonder Rings, so sometimes you just have to ignore the mumbojumbo and make your call on style and personal preference and there is nothing wrong with that.


    • Love Mud Abode / 138

    • Love Mud Abode [OEM]

      High density foam padding over a plastic base provides comfort and longevity. A v-shaped split at the rear of the saddle allows flex as you are riding, increasing shock absorbancy and reducing pressure on the spot between your sit bones.

      Scooped up at the back with a slight rise towards the nose the longitudinal profile provides a cupped, craddled seating position, a timeless, proven design for distance on and off the road or climbing in the mountains.

      Stainless steel rails give 50 mm of forward and back adjustment to help you find your sweet spot.

      All our Sonder bikes come with Abode fitted as standard.

    • Sonder Kura


    • Sonder Kura [OEM]

      Adventure cycling is diverse; in the course of a single trip you can find km's of asphalt, traverse rutted grasslands, weave through thickly forest singletrack, climb loose gravel track or descend steep rocky trails.

      It is unlikely you are going to find a single saddle position for all of this terrain. With this in mind Kura has a flat longitudinal profile with a gentle lateral curvature to give an extended saddle area, allowing you to position yourself around the saddle as you move between road, downhill, and climbing.

      The honeycomb base reduces weight whilst still providing structure and support that adapts and flexes with your motion.

      Titanium rails giving 50 mm of forward and back adjustment to help you find your sweet spot. Titanium is more forgiving than steel so provides a little more comfort.

      Slightly wider than our Adobe saddle, it may provide additional comfort for riders with wider sit bones.

    • Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle All Weather Carved / Black


    • Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle

      Not the chafe. The dreaded chafe. Once it begins, there’s no stopping the creep along your bum cheeks, every slight movement adding to the sting.

      Banish bum cheek blues with the Cambium C17. Based on the underlying structure of the classic Brooks B17 leather saddle, the Cambium C17 uses a vulcanised rubber base and organic cotton canvas upper for the top. Unlike leather, the top material is waterproof, completely maintenance-free, and eliminates the wearing-in process of a leather saddle.

      The saddle top is hung over the nose piece, rails and rear metal cantle like a hammock. This design, when combined with the saddle’s supple materials, allows the saddle to move with the rider, reducing chafing whilst still providing support. The C17 Cambium is narrower and a little racier in design than the B17.

    • Sonder Zone 133 / Black


    • Sonder Zone [OEM]

      The Zone is designed for maximum pedalling efficiency and comfort on longer rides, whether on road or off it.

      • Chromoly rails with suspension system
      • Cut-out shape relieves pressure
      • High density foam seat for comfort

      We’ve selected a flat saddle profile that’s long enough to allow for lots of micro-adjustments to your riding position over the course of a full day on the bike. The nose width allows you to move forward over the pedals on climbs and sprints, and a tapered back enables you to get behind the saddle easily for switchback descents or technical off-road sections.

      We’ve chosen a nylon fibre saddle base to provide a stiff and stable pedalling platform for a low overall weight. This base is connected to the chromoly rails using a patented suspension system that reduces road buzz and improves comfort without compromising on support.

      High density foam stays comfortable for longer, adding to the saddle’s supportive platform. And a long central cut-out in the middle of the Zone relieves pressure on the perineum, allowing you to ride for longer.

    • Brooks B17 Saddle Standard / Black


    • Brooks B17 Saddle

      Manufactured in the UK, a tough 5mm thick leather top is stretched from a thin metal cantle plate at the rear, over the rails to the nose piece and secured by rivets. This durable leather top eventually wears to the shape of the user’s ‘sit bones’ for a superior riding experience. With the right leather-care a Brooks saddle can easily last a lifetime of riding.

      It may seem counterintuitive, but firm and less cushioned saddles are proven to reduce friction while cycling which protects against chafing and rubbing. Should the hammock-like design of the saddle start to sag too much, the leather can be re-tensioned by tightening a bolt in the nose piece.


    • Sonder Seatpost 31.6mm / 400mm

    • Sonder Seatpost [OEM]

      A seat post that is reliable and offers adjustability to help you find your ultimate riding position.

      Membar is all about adjustability. With a twist of your allen key the micro adjustment rail clamp allows the saddle angle to be fine tuned to your ideal position.

      Your saddle can be fitted with minimal faff thanks to a quick release action that allows the upper rail clamp to be released without removing the retaining bolt. The lower rail clamp is secured to the seat post which means that it will not fall in the mud when you are trying to fit your saddle.

    • X-Fusion Manic Drop Seatpost and Lever 31.6mm / 125mm


    • X-Fusion Manic Drop Seatpost and Lever

      The X-Fusion Manic Dropper has been designed to work well across cross-country, trail, all mountain and enduro riding.

      It works on a simple design. Inside you’ll find a closed cartridge that is both sealed and designed to be easily removable from the rest of the post. Simple construction aside, the action of this post feels super-smooth and silky.

    • RockShox Reverb / 150mm Drop / 31.6 x 440mm


    • RockShox Reverb / 150mm Drop / 31.6 x 440mm

      The RockShox Reverb provides effortless actuation and increased reliability featuring new Vent Valve Technology.

      With reduced overall post lengths and new travel options, riders of all shapes and sizes benefit from more travel than ever before. The Reverb Stealth is just really, really reliable at simply going up and down.

    • RockShox Reverb / 125mm Drop / 31.6 x 390mm


    • RockShox Reverb / 125mm Drop / 31.6 x 390mm

      The RockShox Reverb provides effortless actuation and increased reliability featuring new Vent Valve Technology.

      With reduced overall post lengths and new travel options, riders of all shapes and sizes benefit from more travel than ever before. The Reverb Stealth is just really, really reliable at simply going up and down.

    • Cane Creek EE-Silk 31.6mm / Alloy


    • Cane Creek EE-Silk [OEM]

      Ride longer, ride further with the Cane Creek eeSilk suspension seatpost.

      At 295g the eeSilk Post is comparable in weight to traditional rigid seatposts while offering 20mm of vertical compliance to help improve control on rough surfaces and reduce fatigue on long rides. It's the sort of upgrade you thank yourself for 6 hours into a ride!

  • Forks

    • Rockshox Reba RL / 100mm / 29

    • Rockshox Reba RL / 100mm / 29
      Treat your bike to one of the most successful and capable RockShox forks of all times. The Reba uses some of the features and innovations from the latest SID. This fork combines classic XC performance with excellent tracking and a Motion Control™ damper to keep things under control when it gets a bit wild.
    • Sonder Pathfinder Black


    • Sonder Pathfinder

      For your next bikepacking adventure, the Pathfinder is a one-piece carbon monocoque fork. It’s got 3 cage mounts on each leg, for carrying water, your bivi, or maybe a couple of beers.

    • Rockshox Sid Ultimate / 29 / 100mm


    • Rockshox Sid Ultimate / 29 / 100mm
  • Tubes

    • Inner Tubes

    • Inner Tubes
    • Tubeless Tyre Upgrade and Setup


    • Tubeless Tyre Upgrade and Setup

      Go tubeless


    • Sonder Alpha 29 H.G

    • Sonder Alpha 29 [OEM]

      Alphas are our performance 29er wheelset for aggressive trail riding. Whether you're riding down Top Chief at Fort William or riding the black routes at Bike Park Wales, Alphas will consistently spin up to speed and keep rolling to help you ride with fluid precision over the trails.

      Alpha hubs: wider, stiffer, tougher, faster

      Alpha’s boost hub is wider than a standard hub; extra width between the flanges promotes a shallower spoke bracing angle to create a stronger, stiffer wheel. A wider hub also means a shorter chainstay, more mud clearance, and better tyre clearance. To make them faster we’ve used a 6 pawl freehub, which gives 120 points of engagement for immediate response when you turn the pedals (most hubs only have 60, which means you have to turn the pedals further before engaging the freehub). Oh, and the hubs sound amazing! Finally, sealed cartridge bearings just keep rolling and rolling.

      Wider rims mean tyres work better

      30mm lightweight aluminium rims make this wheelset ideal for rock gardens and technical terrain – you can run 2.2" - 2.6" tyres, which will plump up really nicely to give a broad contact patch for maximum traction and confidence.

      Built to take abuse

      Alphas have sealed bearings that are easily serviceable without the need for specialist tools. Double-butted spokes have been chosen to keep the wheels super-strong, whether you’re landing big drops or loading your bike with luggage. And a 17mm alloy axle make these hubs super-stiff and super-strong. You could race round the world on these wheels. Silk Road Mountain Race here we come!

  • Pedals

    • No Pedals (none)

    • No Pedals
    • Sonder Reko


    • Sonder Reko

      The Reko are lightweight SPD pedals designed gravel riding and cross-country mountain biking over longer distances.

      The Reko's platform-free design reduces the overall weight of the pedals to 145g per pedal for lighter, faster riding. Double-sided SPD bindings are easy to clip in and out of and their compact design means they're less likely to clog with muck on filthy winter rides.

      The clip-in design improves the efficiency of your pedal strokes, saving energy on long rides and improving power transfer on climbs, and gives you more control of the back end of the bike.

  • Bottle cages

    • No Bottle Cages (none)

    • No Bottle Cages


    • No Mudguards (none)

    • No Mudguards
    • Sonder Fender Front MTB


    • Sonder Fender

      The Sonder Front Fender protects you from excessive mud splatter on wet, mucky trails. These lightweight plastic mudguards don’t require any special fixings on your bike and can be strapped straight onto your forks with 4 cable ties (supplied).

      Made from durable polypropylene, if the Fender does meet its end, it can be easily recycled by most councils or at your local recycling centres.

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Broken Road GX Eagle
Total Price

Multi-day titanium expedition hardtail designed for big mountain days and fully loaded adventures.

Plush 27.5+ tyres rapidly steamroll over everything whilst giving a corner grip that will make a muddy WRT a breeze.

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Engineered for durability, lightness, and strength, Broken Road’s titanium frame is built to withstand the roughest of terrains whilst giving you a smooth ride.

A relaxed head angle strikes a perfect balance between comfy uphill grinding and hair-raising downhill whooping, whilst a longer wheelbase wonderfully balances precision and handling.

Broken Road’s wide, ovalised top tube gives vertical compliance but lateral stiffness, combining speed with control, and makes it easier to keep your luggage in place when riding over rough ground.

Broken Road’s titanium frame is semi-fat ready, designed for optimum use with 27.5+ wheels. These can be swapped out for 29ers to help you tackle any adventure.

At a glance

  • SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed groupset
  • Rockshox Reba RL fork
  • Sonder Alpha 27.5" wheelset
  • Hand-welded titanium frame
GX Eagle Drivetrain

Simple, light, tough, and reliable; the SRAM GX Eagle understands that when adventure is on the cards, all you want to do is put your feet on the pedals and ride. No faff.

The 12 speed, 10 – 50 tooth groupset combines easy-going versatility with maximum performance, giving crisp shifting, quiet operation, and silky smooth pedalling feel.

A super wide gear range lets you dictate your pace, whether you’re tackling tough inclines, sprinting on the flats, or letting loose on the descents. An open design facilitates mud clearance and boosts durability.

The GX crankset, with 2 tooth profile chainring, bolsters ultimate chain control, and Flowlink technology enhances chain guiding, increases longevity, and heightens wear resistance.

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Elegant titanium tubing

Climb aboard and experience the famed resilience of titanium. No other material is as durable, lasts as long, or looks as good, and Broken Road’s aeronautical grade titanium tubing isolates the rider from shock, gives an efficient ride, and maximizes storage potential. Thanks to the low standover height and rider clearance, you won’t have to make any compromises when riding over rough terrain either.

27.5+ ready

Designed for optimum use with 27.5+ (semi-fat) wheels which help you to tackle any adventure. The plus-sized wheels cruise over obstacles, hold momentum, and give enhanced control thanks to a larger contact patch.

Trail bike geometry

The long wheelbase combines precision and control, giving you the flexibility to adjust riding position easily. The frame is designed with a relaxed head angle, creating the perfect set up for eating up the miles over any surface, and striking the balance between comfortable uphill grinding and hair-raising downhill whooping.

Adjustable sliding dropouts

Adjustable sliding dropouts let you lengthen your Broken Road for eating up the miles or shorten it for the technical, steep trails, and allow for either 27.5+ or 29” wheels, and either singlespeed, derailleur, or internal hub gears.

Rear rack mount lugs

Rack mounts allow you to load up with panniers.

Build Spec
Frame:Broken Road Frame / titanium
Fork:Rockshox Reba RL / 100mm (travel)
Headset:FSA Orbit C-40-ACB
Shifters:SRAM GX Eagle trigger / 1x / 12-speed / hydraulic
Brakes:SRAM G2 R / hydraulic / direct mount
Rotors:Avid Centreline / 180mm (front); 160mm (rear) / 6-bolt
Rear derailleur:SRAM GX Eagle / 12-speed / long cage
Chainset:SRAM GX Eagle DUB / 170mm / 32t
Cassette:SRAM XG1275 / 12-speed / 10-50t
Chain:SRAM GX Eagle / 12-speed
Bottom bracket:SRAM DUB / BSA-threaded / 73mm
Wheels:Sonder Alpha 27.5"
Tyres:Goodyear Peak Tubeless / 27.5 x 2.25" / tan
Tubes:WTB Inner Tube / 29 x 1.9-2.3"
Finishing kit
Handlebars:Sonder Aspect Riser
Stem:Sonder Piskie
Seatpost:Sonder Seatpost / 31.6mm
Saddle:Sonder Abode
Grips:Sonder Clutch
Frame:S: 1.97kg; M: 2.0kg; L: 2.1kg; XL: 2.14kg
Build:S: 12.4kg; M: 12.65kg; L: 13.8kg; XL: 13.9kg
Pedals not included with full builds
Geometry and Sizing


It is important to get the right size bike, if the bike fits it will be faster, more comfortable, and easier to handle. You can also take into consideration the standover height to ensure you pick a bike that will be a good fit. If you measure your inside leg and ensure there is a minimum of an inch from the top tube to your crotch this will give you enough seat post adjustment to find your optimum saddle height.

Generally we recommend:
Small: Riders between 5ft 2in and 5ft 7in
Medium: Riders between 5ft 6in and 5ft 10in
Large: Riders between 5ft 9in and 6ft 2in
X-Large: Riders of 6ft 2in +

Size Small Medium Large X-Large
ST - Seat tube 410 440 465 495
ETT - Effective Top tube 589 613 642 672
TT - Top tube 556 579 608 637
HT - Head tube 105 120 135 150
HA - Head angle 67 67 67 67
SA - Seat angle 73 73 73 73
CS - Chainstay 440 - 460 (adjustable) 440 - 460 (adjustable) 440 - 460 (adjustable) 440 - 460 (adjustable)
BB - BB drop 60 60 60 60
FO - Fork offset 44-51 44-51 44-51 44-51
WB - Wheelbase 1117 (measured at 440mm) 1142 (measured at 440mm) 1173 (measured at 440mm) 1204 (measured at 440mm)
SO - Stand over
RE - Reach 410 430 455 480
SK - Stack 585 599 613 626
Frame Spec
Titanium is lightweight, strong and durable make it an ideal construction material for bike frames. No other material is as durable, lasts as long, or looks as good. Our frames are handmade and come with a 10 year frame warranty
Weight (kg): S: 1.96; M: 1.98; L: 2.0 ; XL: 2.2
3Al/ 2.5V Aeronautical Grade Hand Welded Titanium Frame
148 mm boost thru axle standard
Post mount brake on chainstay, 160mm rotor as standard
Triple bottle cage mounts on top and bottom of downtube
Pannier rack mounts
Internal cable routing for rear brake, rear mech and dropper seatpost.
Not compatible with a front mech
Headset: IS42/IS52
Seatpost: 31.6 mm
Seat tube OD: 34.9 mm
73 mm BSA BB standard
Max tyre width on 29": 2.6"
Max tyre width on 27.5": 3"
Chainline: 52mm
Max chainring size: 36 tooth