Bike Maintenance Essentials

Bike Maintenance Essentials

There's a certain sense of satisfaction we get from the smooth ride of a freshly cleaned and lubed bike. Whether you're building from scratch or running essential maintenance, we've got the cleaners, lubes and grease to see the job through... Read more

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Grepp Handlebar Tape

Reusable and washable woven handlebar tape. 2x 3m rolls
From €27,49
Was €29,99

Kingud Lube

Environmentally friendly chainlube. 100ml in wet or dry lube options
Was €9,99

Fibrax Quick Link

Fibrax Quick Change Links are a popular alternative to traditional pins.
Bundle price €3,99

Fibrax Vee Brake Pad

V-brake style threaded brake blocks
Was €8,99

Kingud Bike Cleaner

Environmentally friendly biodegradable bike cleaner in 1L or 5L options
From €8,99
Was €12,49

Stans No Tubes Core Remover

Core remover for both Schrader and Presta valves
Bundle price €12,49

Stans No Tubes Injector

Syringe sealant injector for tubeless tyres
Was €17,49

Stans No Tubes Tubeless Valves

Brass Presta tubeless tyre valves in 35mm, 44mm and 55m options
Was €19,99

Kingud Bike Shot Cleaner Concentrate

Environmentally friendly biodegradable bike cleaner in 1L concentrate (makes 5L)
Was €29,99

Stans No Tubes Tubeless Tape

10 yards of lightweight tubeless rim tape in 25, 30 and 36mm widths
Was €24,99

Kingud Citrus Degreaser

Environmentally friendly biodegradable degreaser spray, 250ml or 500ml
From €7,99
Was €9,99

Kingud Bottle For Life

Reusable aluminium spray bottle for bike cleaner refills
Was €12,49

Kingud Neutral Bucket Shampoo 1 litre

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable bike shampoo
Was €19,99

Kingud Frame Renovate Protector

Finishing spray to renovate and protect bike frames
Bundle price €12,49

Kingud Kit Fresh / 150ml

Deodorising spray for helmets, gloves, shoes and body armour
Bundle price €12,49

Stans No Tubes Sealant

Tubeless tyre sealant in 473ml or 59ml bottles
From €3,99
Was €4,99