Ecogrease uses natural crop based oils, rubber extract and other natural ingredients to produce a thick, long-lasting grease that’s fully biodegradable.

Whether you’re building a bike from scratch or just making sure your seat post and pivots don’t seize, you’re bound to spend a fair bit of time with grease on your hands. Ecogrease is free of toxic petrochemicals and PTFE which is kinder on the environment and on your skin.

The Ecogrease bottle is 100% recycled and compatible with most grease guns.


Key Features

  • Biodegradable plant-based formula that’s petrochemical and PTFE free
  • Natural ingredients are non-toxic and kinder to the skin
  • Thick formula provides long-lasting lubrication
  • Grease gun compatible
  • 100% recycled bottle
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Plant-based grease
(Crop-based oils, rubber extract, other natural ingredients)


100% recycled bottle

Origin: UK

Care & Environmental Advice

Environmental considerations

Green Oil Ecogrease is a fully biodegradable plant-based grease that’s petrochemical and PTFE free. Petrochemicals and PTFE are both toxic chemicals. PTFE - a substance often used to produce non-stick coatings - has been found to build up in the environment and is proven to be carcinogenic .

Green Oil’s Ecogrease bottle is 100% recycled. The bottle and label are HDPE (Plastic Type 2) and are widely recyclable; the cap is Polypropylene (Plastic Type 5), which can only be recycled in select areas.