Green Oil EcoSpray Lube - 400ml
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The EcoSpray Lube is a light lubricant for getting rid of water on small moving parts after cleaning your bike.

The spray can be directed towards hard to reach areas like derailleur cogs and brake levers, preventing rust and keeping parts moving freely.

Most sprays contain petrochemicals and PTFE which are harmful to environment and toxic to humans. The EcoSpray Lube is a plant-based formula that’s kinder to skin and fully biodegradable to protect the environment.


Key Features

  • Displaces water after cleaning, lubricates and prevents rust all in one go
  • Can be used on derailleurs, brake levers, forks and pedals, or even your chain in a rush
  • Spray and straw allows you to get to small moving parts
  • Biodegradable plant-based formula that’s free of toxic chemicals
  • Natural formula is kinder to skin
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Plant-based formula


Steel canister

Origin: UK

Sustainability & Care


Most bike lubes and sprays contain toxic petrochemicals and PTFE. PTFE is a carcinogen that can build up in the environment. EcoSpray Lube uses all-natural ingredients that are fully biodegradable.

The EcoSpray Lube bottle comes in an easily recyclable steel can. Remove plastic parts before recycling.