Sonder Camino 2022: FAQs

Sonder Camino 2022: FAQs

By Chris Green>

There's a brand new Camino out in the wild. And we've managed to make our multi award-winning gravel bike even better. So how exactly have we done it?

Here's a quick run down of some of the questions you've been asking us.

Why did you feel the need to change it this award-winning bike?

We’re always at the forefront of innovation with our products. We knew we could make tweaks to the geometry to allow a more confident ride without losing any of the spirit of the original bike. We’ve also made the ride really consistent across sizes so whether you’re 6’2” or 5’2” you’ll get the same Camino magic.

Is the Camino still great to ride on the roads?

Yes! The Camino is super-comfortable and efficient on the road. It’ll take the worst of what British roads can throw at you and the new geometry means you can corner with even more confidence. On smooth tarmac you can ride efficiently for hours. And when pot holes and road debris appears you don’t have to take evasive action!

Can I still use the Camino as a capable winter road bike?

The new Camino is an even better winter road bike than before. It’s really efficient and handles mucky winter roads excellently. Big tyre clearance means that you’ve the flexibility to get mudguards big enough to avoid that annoying rub that plagues so many winter bikes. So yes, we’d certainly choose this as a winter roadie.

How will it feel different to my old Camino?

You’ll notice a smoother ride over rough surfaces and more confidence on turns, both on the road and off-road.

Taller riders get more direct steering as a result of the frame being made to work with a smaller stem without affecting reach.

Are all the new features on both the Ti and Al version?

Yes! The only difference is that the Ti version has twin bolts at the front of the top tube for your bento box.

Do I have to wait longer, now you have changed it.

No! Deliveries are the same. Yippee!

Do I need a different size?

No. You’ll need the same size as before.

Have you got a helpful video where the guy who designed the bike explains how we made the Camino even better?

Okay, you didn't ask this one, but the answer is, yes. Take it away Neil...

Head on over to our Camino page to discover even more about our gravel phenomenon.

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