The Dirty Reiver 200 km off road cycling challenge

The Dirty Reiver 200 km off road cycling challenge

By Alpkit

Last Saturday, The Dirty Reiver 200 km off road cycling challenge took place in KielderForest, Northumberland. The event is basedon the Gravel Grinder format, found predominantly in the mid west of America.Riders traversed gravel forest access roads that service the vast areas of forest covering the border region of England and Scotland.The event takes riders through remote areas providing outstanding viewpoints across this spectacular part of the UK. We were lucky enough to get an invite to help marshal and man the 96 km food station. A small team of willing staff packed the Alpvan and headed north.

Saturday morning, the race kicked off and we headed to our station for the day. We were all pleasantly surprised when the first rider came through at 10.30am, rammed his pockets with Jaffa Cakes and went on his way. A steady stream of riders soon followed, again stuffing pockets (and faces!) with as much energy and cakes and would fit.

Midday was soon upon us, and the teepee proved very popular! Riders crowded round, making use of the Alpkit Bean Mountain and the lovely warm fire we started to help heat cold hands and toes. This was particularly favoured by those who had taken a swim whilst crossing the river a few km back!

It was great to see a small number of riders choose Sonder Bikes - Alpkit Director Kenny, Mitch Bryan, San Kapil and Rich and Tom (Mini Pips). Mitch (so far!) is our one and only Broken Road customer. He rode the large Broken Road with with a Carbon Bontrager Fork, and Aero Bar Extensions. San was riding the first Camino Ti sample with a SRAM force 22 groupset, Love Mud Bomber Bars and WTB Nano Tyres. Kenny was on the Sonder Camino Ti ,Mini Pips also sported the Camino in true style!

Mid-afternoon, the stream of bikers eventually began to tail off, and we started to pack up the left over sandwiches and cakes. We headed back to the castle for a well needed cup of tea, excellently made by Joey’s Cafe. Waiting by the finish for Kenny to arrive back, we applauded some very tired, broken and exhausted looking participants! Well done to everyone that took part - we hope you’re well rested by now, and are looking forward to next year!

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