Dirty Reiver 2019

Dirty Reiver 2019 gravel ride

By Dan Thompson

We've been involved in the Reiver since it started, it's become such a mainstay in the calendar that its hard to believe this is 'just' the 4th edition of this great event.

Over the last 4 years we've welcomed riders into the shelter of the Alpkit feed station at the 100k mark, with the fire burning bright in the teepee we've had all kinds of weather fromsleet, wind andrain to last years bright sunshine and summer like conditions.

We've had staff riding at each event and this year is now exception, we're sending Bike guru Liam, equipment designer Rowanand Photgrapher Matt up to ride the 200k course. As well as this Dan and Talyn will be manning the feed station and Alpkiteer Scott Swalling will be riding his Sonder bikes Broken Road SINGLESPEED!! round the 200k course.

Here's their bike and kit set ups.

Rowan - one of the benefits of working in the design team is theaccess to a whole range of new and exciting prototype and sample products... this is reflected in Rowans kit choices.

This time last year Rowan was concentrating on his climbing but has rekindled his love of bikes since getting his Camino AL.

Rowan is riding a v1 Camino Al with prototype carbon forks (nothing to see here...)

His bike does fit, it just looks tiny in this picture...


Sonder Camino AL (V1) Rival1 Hydraulic with prototype fork (nothing to see here...)

LoveMud Volution 650b wheels shod withGravelKing SK 650bx48 set up tubeless and the all important tan walls

Brooks C17 saddle

Prototype Touko top tube bag (new fabric) stuffed with as many bars as will fit in

small saddle bag with repair kit/tubes/etc

Orange thing in top corner of frame: survival bag and whistle

Crib sheet of key hills on top tube - (Rowans nod to the classics riders with his top tube crib sheet)


New Momentum Merino socks

Alpkit Rhythm Elite bib tights

Alpkit Rhythm Thicky Jersey

Prototype ultralight gilet

Prototype waterproof riding specificjacket

Liam – Liam is one of our Sonder Bike Gurus – and as such has access to the latest shiny and exciting bits coming in to the Sonder workshop.

Last year Liam rode the 130k distance on a Titanium Broken Road mountain bike and really enjoyed the route.

This year he’ll be riding a special prototype (and custom paintjob) Camino AL (v3) with a prototype alloy fork - he wont be hard to miss so if you see him on course be sure to give him a shout.


Sonder Camino AL (v3) prototype with all alloy fork. (XL)

SRAM Rival1 groupset with hydralic discs.

LoveMud Orbit 700 wheels with WTB Resolute 42c tyres, tubeless.

UK made luggage:

Full custom frame bag with special external pump pocket in digi-camo pattern fabric

Fuel pod top tube bag in digi-camo pattern fabric.

Liam is filling the Fuel Pod with food and snacks and all of the required kit in the frame bag.

Clothing and kit:

Alpkit Kepler baselayer

Windproof jersey

Insulated Gilet

Alpkit Rhythm Bib tights


Matt’s our in house photographer and up until 18 months was a committed mountain biker… then things changed… he started to take a special interest in artisan coffee, sock length became an obsession and he started throwing random Italian into conversation and gesticulating wildly… Matt had become a roadie… out with the fat tyre bikes, full face helmet, goggles and flat shoes and in with an aero carbon bike, white shoes and a helmet that is more vents

Jokes aside, Matt’s been putting in some serious mileage this year and just this Wednesday put in a century ride to see how the legs were feeling.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Matt gets on and see how his road form translates on gravel. Matt is swapping his usual carbon aero bike for one of our demo Camino Ti bikes


Sonder Camino Ti Rival1 hydraulic

LoveMud Orbit 700c with WTB Nano 42c tyres

Alpkit fuel pod top tube bag

Tiny saddle bag

Inner tube strapped under top tube (matt can’t forget his ENDURO roots)

Matt's using his usual roadie set up with minimal kit on the bike and the rest in his jersey pockets.

If you see any of the chaps on course, be sure to say hello.

We look forward to seeing everyone riding the event at the 100k feed station - be sure to come say hello.

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