El Camino gravel e-bike in winter conditions

Test riding the El Camino gravel e-bike

By Kenny Stocker>

Tom from Cycling366 recently reviewed the Sonder El Camino E-Gravel Bike. After a winter ride on his local trails his assessment was filled with both praise and constructive insights.

In his review, Tom was notably impressed by the bike's speed and performance. With a 250-watt motor in the rear wheel, he found it to be remarkably fast and appreciated the smooth power delivery, thanks to Kynamic's clever motor design.

One of the standout features for Tom was the bike's similarities to the award winning Sonder Camino, which is renowned among bikepackers and gravel riders. The E-Gravel version maintains the same geometry, offering familiarity and versatility with its abundance of mounting points for racks and accessories.

Tom was particularly pleased with the bike's agility and responsive handling, thanks to its well-thought-out design and the simplicity of its interface. The three power modes were easily accessible, allowing for seamless adjustments while riding.

Regarding range and charging, Tom mentioned that the bike offers a decent 65-kilometer range between charges, making it suitable for adventure riders. Furthermore, he highlighted the quick charging time of just three hours, a feature that sets it apart from some other e-bikes.

In conclusion, Tom found the Sonder El Camino E-Gravel Bike spot-on for gravel riding and bikepacking adventures. We believe he came back with his toes and fingers intact.

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