People and Planet Before Profit

Our love of the outdoors and the worlds wild places guides the way we do business. It's in our nature to look after what's important; whether that's the environment, our staff, suppliers, staff, animals, community or our customers.

Everything is connected. Sustainability is not a collection of single issue projects but a comprehensive way of working. It's our way of life.

All this supports our ethos that there’s no place for elitism in the outdoors. It’s our love of the outdoors and belief in nature that drives what we do. This simplicity is best encapsulated in our phrase - Go Nice Places Do Good Things.

Alpkit Sustainability Principles

We are determined to use business as a force for good and have written our entire strategy in six simple principles that guide all our decisions.

Our 2022 Sustainability Report

Alpkit's new 2022 Sustainability Report is an illustrated book with easy graphics, stories and milestones in our journey from start up to B Corp. Have a look around and find out how we're doing in our determination to become a truly sustainable business.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We see 8 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as directly applicable to us. This is where we have the biggest impact directly though the operations of Alpkit and Alpkit Foundation.

There are 17 UN goals in total that form a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for us all.

Business as a force for good

We are committed to using business as a force for good. We measure our social and environmental impact according to this independent standard.

We chose B Corp for its high standard, rigour and integrity.

We certified in 2020 and our next certification date is August 2023. Between now and our renewal date we continually review and monitor our performance using their framework.

Gear You'll Love For Longer

Long lasting, repairable and ultimately recyclable gear



Carbon Neutral With Science Based Targets

Patching holes in waterproof life cycle analysis

Our use of natural fibres

Our Zero to Landfill Policy

What is the Responsible Wool Standard

Fire Retardants In Tents

What is PFC Free and why does it matter

Buy Once Buy Well

Supply Chain

Factories of Alpkit

Alpkit Factory Code of Conduct

Modern Slavery Statement

Alpkit Code Of Ethics

Latest Sustainability News

We’ve committed to reduce our carbon emissions by 46%

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2022 Sustainability Report

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