People and Planet Before Profit

2020 more than ever relied on our love of the outdoors and belief in nature to see us through. I look back with pride in the way we came together, trusted ourselves and made a difference.

A landmark moment is to join the B Corp movement. We are independently assessed against the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Our score is class leading against both an all-business average and our peer group which is a huge achievement for our first assessment.

B Corp is the real deal. We’re the only bike brand in Europe to be a Certified B Corp and only the second bike brand in the world. We are amongst a handful of technical outdoor brands – the most well known being Patagonia - and we are delighted to join their ranks.

Leave No Trace is our mantra in the outdoors. And be gentle is our belief as a business with our global footprint.

This year we have shown how we put people and planet before profit.


  • pivoted Alpkit Foundation to direct support food projects in lockdown. Alpkit Foundation has now awarded £300,000 to 900 projects involving over 15,000 people.
  • increased our pay rates for all, in the midst of lockdown, and become formally recognised as a living wage foundation employer
  • reduced our carbon intensity and offset Scope 1 and 2 to net zero greenhouse gases

In 2021 we will:

  • catch up, when we can travel again, on our program of personal environmental reviews at our mills and factories including deeper life cycle analysis
  • restart our School Of Adventure events program for a more accessible and inclusive outdoors with a range of open courses to build outdoor skills and confidence
  • relaunch our team adventure training and face-to-face training programs to develop our careers

We don’t have all the answers, we know we’re not perfect. And we know we only exist because you choose to buy from us.

Great businesses combine innovative products, fair prices, exceptional service with responsibility.

We have faith that our small steps and fundamental belief in nature will help us build a truly sustainable business.

Year of Activism

Build a Better Business

Last year we

  • Became a certified B Corp and a Living Wage Foundation employer
  • Increased diversity in our ownership and welcomed staff and shareholders as owners
  • Improved the diversity of our Board
  • Offered life skills training to all our team

This year we will

  • Progress our goal to encourage a more diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Build on our team training, volunteer days and charity giving scheme

2020 2019 Target
% Board identify as women 25% 0% 40%
% Senior Team identify as women 40% 50% 50%
% workforce women 43% 44% 50%
% non-white British 7% 7% 8%
Gender Pay Gap 0.9% 0.5% -%
Highest to lowest pay <6 <6 <6
Staff turnover 13% 15% <10%
Living Wage pay rate £9.30 £8.85
Annual pay enhancement above national minimum £1,200pa £1,300pa
Average Age 35 34


People and Planet Before Profit.

As a certified B Corp we are committed to using business as a force for good.

We measure our social and environmental performance according to an independent 3rd party standard. We chose B Corp for its high standards, rigour and integrity.

We compare ourselves to an all-business average and also the score of our peer group including Patagonia, Body Shop, Cotopaxi, Kathmandu, Finisterre, Picture Organic Clothing, Allbirds and World of Books.

Alpkit Average Peers
Governance 18 6 15
Workers 26 18 20
Community 32 17 30
Environment 16 7 23
Customers 4 - 2
B Corp Score 95 55 90

Respect our Environment

Last year we

  • We track our carbon footprint and offset all Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
  • All waterproofs have been developed to be PFC-Free.

This year we will

  • Implement a formal Environmental Management System
  • Collaborate with all our tier one suppliers and develop join environmental plans
2020 2019
Carbon Intensity
(Scope 1 & 2 per $m sales)
6.1 8.3
Electricity (kWh ‘000) 172 193
% renewable 97% 97%
Gas (kWh ‘000) 38 42
Water (m3) 419 422
Alpkit Van (‘000 Litres) 5 7
Business Travel (km 000) 56 30
Air Travel (km 000) 58 n/a
Product shipped (cbm) 848 637
% airfreight inbound 4.80% 9.30%
% airfreight outbound 6.70% n/a
Greenhouse Gas
Scope 1 Direct (tons) 16.5 19.1
Scope 2 Energy Indirect (tons) 43 51
% PFC-Free Clothing (*) 100% 82%
% organic or BCI cotton in clothing 100% 89%
% recyclable content in packaging 92% 90%
(* 100% PFC-Free from 2021 Spring/Summer Season onwards)

Reduce Reuse Repair Recycle

Last year we

  • Over 2000 repairs.
  • Found a new home for 3 tonnes of gear.
  • Increased use of recycled fabrics and materials in our products.
  • Zero to landfill at our main sites.
  • Established a life cycle review project.
  • Increase plastic free orders to 98%.

This year we will

  • Double our range of clothing products made with recycled content
  • All sites to be zero landfill
  • Develop further our life cycle reviews
  • Trial plastic free shipping from factory to Alpkit


Repairs in 2020


Tonnes of old kit found

a new home with the Continuum


of orders now

plastic free packaging

Treat Animals Humanely

We use animal products responsibly: where there is performance benefit rather than aesthetic.

When we use animal products we use the most humane farming methods available to us.

We use merino wool and lambswool in clothing and only use non-mulesed wool.

We use goat skin leather in some of our gloves.

We prohibit the use of exotic animal skins in our products.

We use goose and duck down in our clothing and sleeping bags and only use recycled or RDS certified down.

Work with People we Believe in

We work with the best factories in the world. And only work with factories where we share an ethos. Our senior team (CEO, MD, Head of Design, Head of Buying or Sonder Product Manager) know our factories personally and we regularly spend time with them to personally review conditions. This year we will work closer still and develop joint environmental plans with all our tier one factories and mills.


Tier one reviewed in last 18 months


Signed to our Code of Conduct


Signed up to Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code


UK Outsourced Staff paid Living Wage Foundation pay

Give Back

Good for the mind, the body and soul. Yep, getting outdoors and being in beautiful places really is amazing. Everyone should have that chance too.

Alpkit Foundation is the charity that helps people get outside. Overcoming obstacles to Go Nice Places Do Good Things.

We support ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make the world a better place.

We’ve helped over 900 projects with £300,000 given to education, environment, diversity, mental health and participation projects. That’s over 15,000 people helped altogether.

It’s humbling to see the effect that this has. The Alpkit Foundation is a thank you from us to all our customers as we know we would not be here without you.

£300,000 over 900 projects

Giving Time on a Bike

Last year with the help of the Alpkit Foundation Two’s Company arranged two joyful, liberating days out tandem riding for 16 visually-impaired and disabled people, completely free of charge. The young riders enjoyed their trip to Grimsbury Farm to visit the animals, and a more challenging route to Bitton on the River Avon trail.

“It was a long ride for his first ride – but he was happy, relaxed, and had a wonderful time. I can see that he will gain confidence and social skills from going on the rides, and they are also great exercise”
– Chris’ dad

“These rides gave the young ‘back riders’ the chance to get out and exercise in nature as part of a friendly group, with the rides helping them feel happier, healthier and more connected to their communities, and they love it!”
“I think he enjoys the rides as it makes him independent. He is doing something on his own, but with security.”

- Mary, Tom’s carer

These joyous rides can also help the mum or dad of these children, who may be lacking a proper support network to help them or their child:

“You wouldn’t recognise him from the person he was when he started! Dropping Nathan off for a full day is amazing because it gives me respite. I’m a full time carer - this is just so rare for me. My family isn’t in this country, so it’s hard…”
– Nathan’s mum

“My daughter has learning disabilities. The tandem rides are the only way she can manage cycling as she doesn't have the mental capacity to make the quick decisions that cycling requires. She always looks forward to it and it's nice to see her pink cheeks when she gets home. She is very happy being part of the group”
– Annie’s mum