Alpkit Code of Ethics

Outdoors is good. It is our love of the outdoors and belief in nature that drives everything we do. When you love nature you cannot but choose to do the right thing. This love defines our vision, mission, character, decision making and more.

Like others, we choose to work in the outdoor industry. It's not just what we do that makes Alpkit special, or necessarily why we do it. But how we do it is unique. Our team, customers and suppliers know this already. Alpkit isnt just a brand. It's a noun, a verb an adjective.

Our values are clear:

  • we celebrate the outdoors
  • make great product
  • are sustainable
  • give back
  • empower our people to be the best they can be.
  • Our character is warm, independent, egalitarian, expert, irrevent. Its in our nature to be enthusiastic, imaginative, determined, practical, fair, confident, knowledgable, friendly, responsible and worldly. We are not argumentative, abrasive, beligerent, rude or exploitative.

    This means we:

  • Act responsibly
  • Follow the law
  • Respect human rights and each other
  • Don’t tolerate bribery or corruption
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Are honest about our finances
  • Compete fairly
  • Protect privacy, Alpkit information and assets
  • Care about health and well being

  • Speak up

    If you have any concerns about any of our practices and want to make use of our confidential reporting service. The please check out our Confidential Reporting policy and use the email.