Gear You'll Love For Longer

Our Gear Costs Less And Works Harder

Alpkit is a premium multi-activity outdoor and bike brand for enthusiasts and adventurers. Agile, vibrant and sustainable. We’re digital-first connecting customers online and in our unique stores. We're the only multi-activity performance outdoor brand like this in the UK. Our supply chain is shorter, our price-tags sharp.

Our aim is simple: use digital technology to redefine the UK outdoor industry and unite the design quality of a performance sports brand with the customer service of a specialist store.

It is our love of the outdoors that makes Alpkit: responsible, expert, enthusiastic, determined and fair.

Sustainability is ingrained throughout everything we do. Since first writing our guidelines in 2004 we are the first UK outdoor brand to publish a clear and comprehensive Sustainability Report and are recognised by our peers in the outdoor industry as an example of best practice in environmental responsibility and sustainability. We are founder members of The Microfibre Consortium and the outdoor industry Single Use Plastics Project and in 2020 we became a Certified B Corporation.

Our Design Ethos

We believe that the products you love most: the ones you use and abuse year-in and year-out are ultimately the most environmentally friendly. This is we repair any brand and have done since 2004. And when your partnership with it is over then pass it on. Send it back to us with our Continuum Project and, through the support of Alpkit Foundation, we'll donate it to someone who needs it.

Our design philosophy starts with developing products you'll love for longer. We design high performance products, developed with a clear purpose, a technical benefit and with as much cross-over use as possible.

Simplification is a mission for us. Keeping it simple is ingrained in what we do. We'll continue refining a product until there is nothing we want to add to it and nothing we want to take away.

That way you need fewer products in your wardrobe.

Our product range is smaller, our lead times are faster and as we only sell direct, our price-tags are sharper.

Our gear costs less and works harder.

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