Helping Kids Complete their Bronze DofE

Helping Kids Complete their Bronze DofE

By Alpkit>

The Alpkit Foundation is delighted to support St Johns School. They would like 5 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award. The school already offers the Award as an extra-curricular activity, with participants contributing 100% of the costs involved. However, several students are excluded from undertaking the bronze award, simply because they do not have the means to contribute to the cost. These particular individuals would enormously benefit from such a challenge, working as a team, and developing organisation and problem solving skills. This improved confidence will be transferrable to the classroom and their educational studies, as well as helping and encouraging them into their working lives.

John, from St Johns School, explains why the project is happening. “The project aims to raise the aspirations of our lower ability students, most of whom have never experienced the benefits of outdoor activities or the beauty of our local countryside. This is a chance for a group of disadvantaged young people who live in an area of high deprivation to take part in a challenging adventure, raising self-esteem, improving self – confidence, problem solving and working with others. We know from experience that working outdoors can bring significant benefits to the emotional well-being of our students, and we want to ensure that these opportunities are accessible to everyone, irrespective of their background or financial circumstances.”

The Alpkit Foundation is helping with the cost of campsite fees, equipment, assessor fees, and expedition food.

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