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    • BOMS-1001CT-01-1001_climbing_tips

    1001 Climbing Tips

    Andy kirkpatrick

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    An irregular instruction manual for anyone who hangs off stuff or just hangs around in the mountains

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    Three decades of climbing distilled into a book of 1001 handy climbing tips and easier to carry around than Andy Kirkpatrick.

    Andy has lived his life climbing, writing about climbing and obsessing about climbing all around the world. This book is Andy's latest obsession - a beautifully designed 'manual' on how to do things the right way. Lavishly illustrated by photographs and diagrams this book is not only informational but also fools you into believing you want to put yourself in these ridiculous positions!

    In this book Andy offers tips covering the following areas:

    The Basics
    Big Wall


    Key Features

    Origin: United Kingdom