Building Opportunities within DofE

Building Opportunities within DofE

By Alpkit

We were delighted to be able offer support to Alan who is employed by DofE Scotland to build the capacity of schools and youth groups within Glasgow working with young people from bands 1,2 and 3 of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, in doing so widen opportunities for young people to participate in the DofE.

"I work with a number of schools where the young people face considerable barriers to participating in DofE. My remit is to ensure that particpation is open to all young people who want it. I focus on building the confidence and capacity of leaders to sustain the work when I move on."

With limited acccess to good quality equipment the schools are faced to rely on items that were not up to the task. "The communities I am working in have very limited funds and help from The Foundation will be transformative"

Support towards kit will initially facilitate a group of seven young people to undertake a two day, one night self-supported journey as part of their Expedition Section, after which it will be kept centrally and lent to each group as required gaining maximum benefit from it.

Off the back of this Alan will be working with eight schools, all situated in areas with complex needs and aims to engage with around 120 young people for which the kit will be circulated around most of them and work towards transforming their lives through connecting with the outdoor via DofE scheme.

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