Local seven summits micro adventure

Al Humphreys launches the #Local7Summits Challenge

By Kenny Stocker>

Alpkit Ambassador Al Humphreys Launches the #Local7Summits Challenge: A Community-Inclusive Adventure

This initiative invites people of all ages and backgrounds to explore the highest points in their local areas, whether they're mountains, church spires, or hidden hills.

While the Seven Summits Challenge - climbing the highest mountain on each continent - stands as a lofty goal for many adventurers, Al recognises that not everyone has the resources or time to undertake such grand expeditions. The #Local7Summits Challenge provides an accessible and environmentally friendly alternative, encouraging local exploration and community involvement.

Follow these steps to get involved in the #Local7Summits Challenge.

  1. Choose Your Map Range: Participants can decide the scope of their adventure, from country-wide to village-level exploration. Al Humphreys used an OS 1:25,000 Explorer Series map for his journey.
  2. Identify Seven Summits: The challenge is to find and ascend seven local high points. These can range from the tallest peaks to unique landmarks like church spires or trigpoints (concrete pillars often found on British summits).
  3. Bring Along Company: The challenge is designed to be more enjoyable when shared with friends, family, or children.
  4. Set Your Pace: Whether completing the challenge in a single day or spreading it out over weeks or months, the pace is flexible.
  5. Capture and Share: Participants are encouraged to take photos at each summit and share them online using the hashtag #Local7Summits. The goal is to showcase a diverse range of people enjoying outdoor activities, inspiring others to join in.

Al, inspired by his own experience and the success of #microadventures, emphasises the importance of this challenge in bringing different communities together and promoting outdoor activities among a broader audience. "There are enough heroic, middle-aged, white male 'influencers' in the hills," says Humphreys. "We want to show that adventure is for everyone."

Finally, here is some inspiration from one of Als adventures last year.

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