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Everything full price except Bikes, GV and Gas

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Heat it and eat it, a 585 g integrated cooking system
Bundle price €69,99


Custom-made bike frame bag: UK made, bespoke design, weatherproof
Bundle price €119,99


Titanium spork (or foon? or forked spoon)
Bundle price €14,99

Fuel Pod

Top tube bag: UK made, weatherproof, 1L or 1.5L
Was €59,99

Stormsure Tuff Tape

Clear sticky tape to fix an array of outdoor products
From €5,99
Was €9,99


Titanium knife, fork and spoon set
Bundle price €27,49

Veloforte Bar

Natural, nutritious and delicious energy bars; easy-to-digest “real food”
From €2,99
Was €8,99
  • Chilli
  • Black
  • Lagoon


Long-sleeved one-piece swimsuit for outdoor swimming
Bundle price €44,99

Sonder Camino/Colibri Al Mech Hanger [V3]

Replacement/spare mech hanger for the Sonder Camino Al V3
Bundle price €14,99

Air Pump 20L

Sleeping mat pump that converts to a 20L dry bag
Was €14,99


Rechargeable bike safety lights available in front or rear options
Bundle price From €17,49

Mora Underquilt

Insulated hammock under layer to prevent hammock heat loss
Bundle price €64,99

Sonder Spitfire

Aluminium road bike drop bar with a slight flare
Bundle price From €44,99


Microfibre travel towel, superfine and 1/3 of the weight of a regular towel
Bundle price €12,49


Thin, light and waterproof folding USB solar panel
Bundle price €44,99
  • Panther Black
  • Mountain Brown
  • Storm Grey

Fuel Pod Rear

Rear top tube bag: UK made, weatherproof, 1L
Was €49,99
  • Tarmac
  • Reef

Airlok 1L

1 litre roll-top drybag: silicone-coated ripstop nylon with fully-taped seams
Bundle price €8,99

Candy Canes

Aluminium, hooked tent pegs made from round wire. Pack of 10
Bundle price €12,49

Deluge Handlebar Bag 13L

Waterproof handlebar bag: lightweight, 13L
Bundle price €44,99

Sonder Signal / Camino Ti Mech Hanger

Replacement/spare mech hanger
Bundle price €14,99


Titanium chopsticks. For the skilled camp aficionado
Bundle price €17,49
  • Mountain Brown
  • Storm Grey
  • Panther Black

Enduro Pod

Top tube bag: UK made, weatherproof, 0.75L
Was €54,99

Deluge Top Tube Bag 0.65L

Waterproof top tube bag: lightweight, 0.65L
Bundle price €24,99

SkyeHigh 900

Lightweight, 4-season sleeping bag: -11°C limit, RDS-certified down fill
Bundle price €259,99
  • Panther Black
  • Storm Grey
  • Mountain Brown


Half-length frame bag: UK made, weatherproof, 1.5L
From €54,99
Was €64,99


Self-inflating sleeping mat: full length, 5cm thick, 900g
Bundle price €74,99

Sonder Slingshot

Comfortable wide platform pedals with double-sided SPD clips
Bundle price From €84,99


Collapsible 3 litre soft flask for moving fast and light
Bundle price €19,99
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