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Sonder Alpha 29

29” performance boost wheels for riding big trails
Bundle price €329,99

Sonder Alpha 27.5

Performance 27.5” boost wheels for big hits and endless grip on big trails
Bundle price €329,99

Sonder Alpha 650b

650B performance wheelset for gravel and road-plus speed
Bundle price €329,99

Sonder Alpha 700c

700C performance wheels for riding fast on gravel and road
Bundle price €329,99

Sonder Juice 110

Smooth 6V/3W dynamo disc boost hub with boost spacing
Bundle price €149,99

Sonder Juice 100

Smooth 6V/3W dynamo disc hub to power lights charging packs
Bundle price €129,99


Waterproof frame bag with seam sealed construction
Bundle price €44,99


3 litre dual-ended waterproof bar bag for commuting and touring
Bundle price €27,49

Enduro Pod

0.75 litre minimalist top tube-mounted bikepacking bag
Bundle price €39,99


0.5 L waterproof saddle bag for tools, tubes, and essentials
Bundle price €19,99

Fuel Pod Rear

Lightweight 1L bag to expand your top tube storage
Bundle price €39,99
  • Teal Peel
  • Chilli

Fuel Pod Cradle

Keeps your Fuel Pod steady and speeds up pit stops
Bundle price €17,49


Small rear frame bag to keep your dropper post free
Bundle price €49,99
  • Black
  • Chilli
  • Teal Peel


Small front triangle frame bag for extra carrying capacity
Bundle price €54,99
  • Black
  • Chilli
  • Teal Peel


Fold-out bike tool roll that will strap under your saddle
Bundle price €39,99

Toliari Pannier 12L

12 litre waterproof front cycle panniers for commuting and touring
Bundle price €44,99

Toliari Pannier 20L

20 litre waterproof cycle panniers for commuting and touring
Bundle price €49,99

Toliari Pannier 30L

30 litre waterproof cycle panniers for commuting and touring
Bundle price €54,99

Swig bottle

Drinks bottle in 750 ml or 500 ml
Bundle price €3,99

Sonder Buzz Wire

Lightweight and durable alloy bottle cage
Bundle price From €4,99

Sonder Sideblade

Side-loading bottle cage for easy bikepacking bottle access
Bundle price From €0,00
  • Black
  • Black

Sonder Persuaders

Pack of 3 tyre levers
Bundle price €3,99

Sonder Key

Handy hex key with 3 hex tool sizes
Bundle price €5,99

Sonder Mool

Lightweight disc compatible, tubular aluminium rear rack
Bundle price From €17,49

Sonder Fender

Lightweight and recyclable polypropylene front mudguard
Bundle price From €0,00

Love Mud Fender

Lightweight polypropylene front and rear mudguards
Bundle price From €0,00

Love Mud Trace

Mount Garmin electricals direct onto your stem cap
Bundle price From €9,99

Love Mud Trailside 16

Lightweight 16 in 1 multi-tool for your emergency trailside repairs
Bundle price €17,49

Love Mud Bheesty

Stem cap bottle cage mounts for up front storage
Bundle price From €12,49

Passport Lug-Kage

Lightweight front fork luggage carrying cage for cycle touring and bikepacking
Bundle price €22,49

Green Oil Chain lube - 100ml

Eco-friendlyall conditions lube: biodegradable and PTFE-free
Bundle price €7,99

Green Oil Clean Chain degreaser - 100ml

Eco-friendly degreasing gel, plant-based and biodegradable
Bundle price €6,99

Green Oil White Super Dry Chain Wax - 100ml

Eco-friendly lube for dry conditions, biodegradable and PTFE free
Bundle price €17,49

Green Oil EcoSpray Lube - 400ml

Eco-friendly post-cleaning spray, displaces water and lubricates
Bundle price €8,99

Green Oil Ecogrease - 200ml

Eco-friendly bike grease, kinder to the skin and biodegradable
Bundle price €9,99

Green Oil Green Clean - 1L

Eco-friendly bike cleaner, concentrated to reduce its carbon footprint
Bundle price €12,49

Green Oil Agent Apple Degreaser - 300ml

Eco-friendly immersion degreaser for drivetrains: plant-based, biodegradable and reusable
Bundle price €17,49

Smith Signal MIPS

Road cycling helmet with angled impact protection
Bundle price €79,99

Smith Engage MIPS

Mountain biking helmet with extended rear coverage
Bundle price €109,99
  • Cinder
  • Black

Smith Convoy MIPS

Mountain biking helmet designed for comfort and airflow
Bundle price €79,99
  • Sage
  • Black

Smith Session MIPS

Mountain biking helmet for all mountain riding
Bundle price €159,99
  • Black
  • Sage

Smith Persist MIPS

Road cycling helmet with angled impact protection
Bundle price €109,99
  • White
  • Black

Smith Network MIPS

Ventilated road cycling helmet with extra impact protection
Bundle price €159,99

Hiplok DX Lock & Cable

Compact maximum security D lock with steel cable, weighs 1.09kg
Bundle price €69,99

Hiplok Spin Wearable Chain

Combination bike chain lock, can be worn around your waist
Bundle price €39,99

Hiplok FX Wearable Retractable Combination Lock

Compact and wearable combination bike lock
Bundle price €22,49

Hiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie

Lightweight reusable cable tie-style lock with a steel core
Bundle price €12,49

Hiplok D Lock

Easy to carry compact D lock, 13mm steel, weighing 1kg
Bundle price €54,99

Exposure Strada MK10 Road Sport

Rechargeable 1200 front light, 183g, 2 - 36 hours runtime, for road cycling
Bundle price €289,99

Exposure Toro MK12

Rechargeable 3200 lumen front light, for off-road riding
Was €339,99

Exposure Sirius MK9

Rechargeable 850 lumen front light, 84g and 1.5 -36 hours runtime
Was €109,99

Exposure Joystick MK15

Powerful and rechargeable 1100 lumen helmet light weighing 93g
Was €189,99

Exposure Trace Pack

Rechargeable 125/75 lumen front/rear bike light set, 35g each, 3-24 hours runtime
Bundle price From €79,99

Sonder Bomber

Flared aluminium drop bars for adventure riding on and off road
Bundle price €39,99