The Sonder Front Fender protects you from excessive mud splatter on wet, mucky trails. These lightweight plastic mudguards don’t require any special fixings on your bike and can be strapped straight onto your forks with 4 cable ties (supplied).

Made from durable polypropylene, if the Fender does meet its end, it can be easily recycled by most councils or at your local recycling centres.


Key Features

  • Lightweight mud splatter protection for your front fork
  • Quick and simple to attach with 4 cable ties (included)
  • Improved angle to further reduce mud splatter
  • Extended wings to provide fork seal protection
  • Fully recyclable (Recycling Code: PP5)
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats




Dimensions: 245mm x 263mm / 25 x 10cm (active fender size)
Active Size: 25 x 10cm


Weight: 20g

Origin: China

Sustainability & Care


The Sonder Fender is made from polypropylene which is fully recyclable and has a Recycling Code of PP5. If your council doesn’t recycle PP5 plastics, your local recycling centre should be able to.