La Wrekin

By Col>

Well following on from Kenny’s exploits on the high Via Ferrata, the Wrekin was in my sights for a Christmas Day run. I’d said I would be doing it over a week ago and all at Alpkit have been expecting it, but things don’t always go to plan.

Driving across to the In-Laws on Christmas Eve I was subjected to a traditional meal at a kindly neighbours on arrival. Some delicious food was accompanied by some equally delicious wine, plenty of wine at that. Flowing all too generously, it led on to one or two wee drams of single malt, which all too predictably led to a rather slower start to the day than had previously been planned.

Now Kenny has gone snowboarding today, rubbing it in with an early morning text as he headed off to enjoy a fun filled day on the slopes. This left me feeling even more conscious about my lack of activity so far today, but if you choose to live near the Alps then there really is no excuse not to be doing something. Then the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs landed on my plate, oh dear, all my good intentions were slowly evaporating into the inevitable festive haze of cosy fires and board games as the morning turned into early afternoon, we had to get out. Yes, a strenuous walk to the village pub would do it. After a minutes hike we reached the sanctuary of the Inn, to be greeted by a vat of mulled wine and plentiful mince pies, along with all the regulars enjoying the festive cheer.

So I guess that’s sealed it then, perhaps there’s no point in fighting it. Ok, it might not be particularly outdoorsy, I didn’t get to go for my run, but hey it’s Christmas Day, just go with the flow. Ah, got a feast landing on the table soon and then might even settle down with Monopoly and drift through hours of mindless t.v. Maybe I’ll go for a run in the morning… Merry Christmas everyone.

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