Supporting Sheldon School and the Ten Tors Challenge

Supporting Sheldon School and the Ten Tors Challenge

By Alpkit

Sheldon School is the latest to receive funding from the Alpkit Foundation. They would like to increase the school capacity for students to train for, and attempt the Ten Tors Challenge. The Ten Tors Challenge is a navigational and endurance event, run annually across Devon’s Dartmoor. Sheldon School have been taking part in the event for the last 4 years, providing an excellent opportunity for students to experience outdoor activities. In an increasingly classroom based curriculum, it provides a rare opportunity for young people to take themselves out of their comfort zone. Training for the Ten Tors Challenge begins months in advance, turning the event into a nearly year round commitment to both students and staff.

Richard, from Sheldon School, explains why this project is important. “I feel strongly that the current in school curriculum does not offer students the opportunity to develop real world skills.Too much of what they do is directed, and there is not enough opportunity for them to learn through making mistakes, having experiences, and being trusted to test themselves.Furthermore, it gets young people outdoors and teaches them skills that will stay with them throughout the rest of their lives, enabling them to safely enjoy the outdoors.Most importantly it is an amazing experience, one that reduces the students to tears of joy when they complete - an experience that stays with them for the rest of their lives, and one they really enjoy!”

As this is an extra-curricular activity, funding comes from parental enrichment and local businesses. There is no specific funding for the Ten Tors Challenge within the school. The Alpkit Foundation will be therefore help to support staff members in their completion of the South West Mountain and Moorland Leader Qualification. This would mean the school can apply for more teams - enabling more students to participate.

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