A Winter's Training Tale Part 2

A Winter's Training Tale Part 2

By Ashleigh Naysmith

In early December, a group of our Support and Store Heroes went on a wintry training adventure with our Sonder and Alpkit Product Design Teams.

Day one was a mixed bag weather wise out on the Sonder Bikes with Bike Guru Neil

Day two was a romp around the Peak District with Alpkit Design Manager, Ronnie.

Hathersage Store Hero, Freddie, talks us through the morning session:

We started the day off with a big mug of tea and a couple of bacon and black pudding sarnies whilst layering up for the day! After a quick briefing and a talk through the different layers and what garment works well in different conditions, Ronnie quickly pointed out that I had been layering up wrong in all the years I’ve been in the hills. She mentioned that a cotton t-shirt and jumper were not the ideal base layers for a cold winter hike. Ronnie explained how a merino or synthetic base layer would be much more efficient in heating up and passing moisture (sweat) away from my body once we got going up onto Win Hill.

After a quick swap around of clothing, we packed different garments in our bag to change around throughout the day. We started off climbing up what seemed the steep side of Win Hill, quickly getting a little too warm (Koulin base layer, Yakutian midlayer, Morphosis second midlayer and Apogee on top). After taking the Apogee off, I was pleasantly surprised how well the Morphosis cut out the piercingly cold wind, even on the top of Win Hill.

hen we found a nice place to have some dinner, once again Ronnie went through the different layers one would want to put on, so we swapped layers around while cooking up some lunch. This is where the Apogee came into its own, keeping me cosy warm while we were sat around eating lunch. The Firepot Chilli Con Carne and Extreme Foods chocolate puddings went down a treat!!

After spending the morning with Ronnie, I learnt much more detail about the several garments that I tried on. I also found my new favourite jacket; I can safely say the Morphosis is the perfect all-rounder and is new number one on my Christmas list!!

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