Holyland MTB Challenge - The desert dash and the finish line

By Paul Errington

Under advisement we had spent the night in Arad as we had been told the descent to the Dead Sea was worth riding and appreciating in daylight.We weren’t disappointed.A gravel road descent into a wadi then led us to a seriously technical and steep descent.I chose caution whereas Ricky and James went fully committed.

There are moments in cycling where all of a sudden an immense realization of just how amazing what you are doing hits you … apprehension was suddenly replaced by joy as we rolled through a steep sided narrow wadi.The scenery was alike something from Star Wars .. all of a sudden we were on Tatooine in search of Old Ben Kenobi.

To catch the rest - definitely check out all the pictures and story at Paul's blog.For the full story checkout Part 1 and Part 2.

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