Lockdown Adventures

Lockdown Adventures

When we can't Go Nice Places, we can still Do Good Things

With approximately one third of the Earth's population currently in lockdown, there's no doubt that there are plenty of people out there who feel just like us: hungry for adventure and itching to get back into the great outdoors.

We’ve always thought that adventure is just a matter of perspective. Anyone can have an adventure: young or old, complete novice or experienced pro. But the hills are far away and many of our favourite places are off limits for the time being. When we're confined to our homes, our gardens or what trails we can access from our own front door, we have to get a bit more creative...

We have to come up with our very own Lockdown Adventures. Here's some inspiration to get you started!


Recreate A Backyard Bivvy At Home

All it takes is a sprinkling of the unfamiliar or a smattering of the unexpected - even somewhere as familiar as your own backyard. We dunno about you, but we're well overdue a change of scene from sitting on the sofa all day - we're goin' backyard bivvying!

Recreate a wild bivvy...


The Big Living Room Campout

We haven’t all got the luxury of a back garden or local trails to explore on our doorstep. Most of us live in cities where green space is at a premium. So, we’ve teamed up with the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival to bring the outside in!

Join the living room campout...


Joe's Local Lockdown Adventure

"There’s a lot you can explore with one local run, walk or ride a day. Now is the perfect time to get creative with our local loops - we really can make the most of the situation, whilst still respecting the government advice."

Read Joe's top tips...


Grace's Home Roads Circular Commute

When your journey to work suddenly takes the form of walking from the breakfast table to the living room, a ride from home to working-from-home could be just the start your day needs...

Read Grace's working from home advice...


Johnny's Rooftop Running

Locked down in Arequipa, Peru, Alpkiteer Johnny Parsons is running on his roof - 400 laps of a badly tiled terrace just to get to 3 miles. But keeping up his running fitness isn’t Johnny’s biggest challenge: it’s keeping his six-year-old daughter busy!

Find out about lockdown life in Peru...


10 Things to Replace a Chamonix Climbing Season

With her first few months of trekking work as an International Mountain Leader cancelled, Anna Wells is now in 'wait and see' mode for the rest of the summer. With unexpected free time, she's been getting creative around the house...

See how Anna's been coping without climbing...


Floor Is Lava: A Homemade Adventure Film

When your dad is the director of an adventure film festival, it's inevitable that you'll pick up a little bit of inspiration along the way: Dylan Heason is a trained breakfast professional...

Watch Dylan's adventure breakfast...


Alpkit Foundation on Covid-19

The Alpkit Foundation is now prioritising funds to support projects that demonstrate an immediate impact on those affected by the Covid-19 virus crisis.

Donate or apply for funding...


Insight: Adventures With Sight Loss short film

A beautifully shot short film by Adrian Burrows featuring deaf-blind adventurer John Churcher. "The theme is to give everything a go, and don’t put limitations on yourself - you never know where it will lead you."

Watch this powerful visual portrait...


Pulling Together: People We Believe in

This is a difficult time for everyone. It’s been really heartwarming to see small and medium-sized businesses pulling together over the last week. Some of them are competitors, some are partners: all are friends.

Support our friends...


Screen Room: Swimming Films

We're big fans of swimming in wild waters - it gets us feeling seriously refreshed. We may not be able to head out for a swim right now, but we can still get inspired. So, sit back, strap your swim cap and goggles on and dive into our archive of fantastic swimming films.

View our collection of swimming films...