Winter Camping Tents

Winter Camping Tents

Purposeful design, that’s our jam. Our mountain tents are made with high winds, low temperatures, and heavy snowfall in mind. Geared at comfort, functionality, and safety, our tents make things simple from pitching to putting away so you can focus on getting the most out of winter... Read more

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One person hooped bivvy for a pitch-anywhere sleeping shelter
Was €109,99


1-person, 3-season backpacking tent, weighing 1.2kg (XL is 1.3kg)
From €109,99
Was €139,99

Jaran 2

Twin porch ultralight 2 person 3 season backpacking tent
Bundle price €219,99

Jaran 3

Twin porch ultralight 3 person 3 season backpacking tent
Bundle price €259,99

Viso 2

3 season backpacking tunnel tent weighing 3.2kg
Bundle price €159,99

Viso 3

Large living areas and strong weather protection whilst being light enough to carry
Bundle price €179,99


4-person 3-season tent weighing 8.8kg
Bundle price €329,99


Extremely strong 2 person 4 season geodesic mountain tent
Was €439,99


4 person 4 season mountain tent. Exceptional protection
Bundle price From €469,99


6 person 4 season geodesic expedition tent weight 9.7kg
Bundle price €724,00

Mora Underquilt

Insulated under layer to prevent hammock heat loss
Bundle price €54,99

Axiom Footprint

Protective tent groundsheet to extend the life of your Axiom
Bundle price €44,99

Kangri Footprint

An extra layer of protection to go with your Kangri
Bundle price €69,99

Zhota Footprint

Added protection for your Zhota
Bundle price €69,99

Heksa Footprint

A bombproof footprint for our bombproof tent
Bundle price €169,99