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  • Jaran 3 Footprint
    • Jaran 3 Footprint

    Jaran 3 Footprint

    Tent footrpint


    Slip your footprint under your tent to protect and extend the life of your Jaran 3 or pitch without the inner

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      Returning home from an exciting trip away can be tarnished by the post-holiday clean-up. All those muddy boots and mucky gear will need scrubbing and washing but with the Jaran 3 footprint, cleaning your tent will be walk in the park.

      The 40D ripstop nylon construction will protect your groundsheet from small nicks and tears. When erecting your tent on water logged or muddy pitches, this footprint will reduce water saturation and keep your tent mud free (mostly). The 40D ripstop nylon composition will give you much needed protection without adding too much to the weight of your rucksack.

      Eyelets on each corner allow you to pitch your Jaran using just the outer tent and footprint for a lighter shelter with better ventilation in insect-free months.


      Key Features

      • Protects the base of your tent to extend its life
      • Pole eyelets allow you to pitch just the outer tent and footprint for a lighter, cooler shelter
      • 3 Year Alpine Bond

      Vital stats


      40D Ripstop Nylon


      Weight: 255 g Weight of bag: 6 g Pack size: 13 x 28 cm Length: 212 cm Width: 140 - 170 cm

      Origin: China