Tarpstar 4 is an ultralight, 4-person pyramid tarp tent that pitches using trekking poles. This is our modern take on a tent shape that's been proven for over 100 years. When the British Polar Expedition arrived at the South Pole in 1911 it was Amundsen's pyramid tent that they found.

Tarpstar 4 packs small and light and crams into any corner of your pack. There's plenty of space for four people or lots of kit on longer trips. It pitches quickly with our Vertex Tarp Pole (not included) or with two tethered trekking poles.

Pitch in different ways: go ultralight with just the 771g outer, on warm nights use the inner only. The optional footprint gives ultimate protection. Fine-tune your pitch with the guy line attachment points for stability in bad conditions.


Ultralight and versatile

With a 771g flysheet you can pitch Tarpstar 4 ultralight and outer-only

Quick to pitch

A simple design that's easy to pitch with a single central pole

One pole pitching

Works perfectly with Vertex Tarp Pole or two tethered trekking poles

Hot weather haven

Keep cool on hot summer nights by pitching inner-only

Product overview

  • Fits 4 people with plenty of space for kit
  • Can be pitched with two trekking poles, lashed together with the included velcro straps
  • Designed to work with our Vertex Tarp Pole (170cm) - not included
  • Guyline attachment points add stability to your pitch
  • Pitch flysheet only to minimise weight or with inner and/or footprint for extra protection
  • Can also be pitched inner-only as a bug net for summer camping
  • More comfort and protection than a standard tarp
  • TPU taped seams for added durability
  • 3 year Alpine Bond

Technical details


Total: 1811g
Flysheet: 771g
Inner: 1040g
Footprint (optional):453g


Packed size (Flysheet): 32cm x 14cm x 14cm (L x W x H)
Packed size (Inner): 32cm x 18cm x 18cm (L x W x H)
Packed size (Footprint): 25cm x 9cm x 9cm (L x W x H)
Pitched size: 285cm x 285cm x 170cm (L x W x H)


Flysheet: 20d polyester ripstop (sil/PU)
Inner: 20d nylon ripstop

Waterproof rating

Flysheet: 3,000mm hydrostatic head

Sustainability & Care

Environmental impact

Hydrolysis resistant

TPU seam taping is more resistant to hydrolysis (seals being broken down by water), making your tent last longer.

Repair kit included

All our tents are provided with a basic repair kit for patching holes and splinting poles in the field. If your tent is beyond basic repair, pop down to one of our store's Repair Stations!

Caring for your tent

Clean and dry your tent thoroughly after each use. Never use a washing machine, tumble dryer or jet wash to clean your tent. Spot clean with warm water, mild (non-detergent) soap and a soft sponge. Never use bleach, fabric softeners or other household cleaning products and air dry only.

Tent repair

To make your tent last longer, avoid prolonged UV exposure and repair damage immediately. If you are unlucky enough to rip your tent on a trip, use duct tape or StormSure Tough Tape until you have a chance to repair it properly. For more tent repair tips read our tent care and repair blog.

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Tarpstar 4 in action