Self-Inflating Sleeping Mats: First use and care guide

By Alice Peyredieu

When you get a new self-inflating sleeping mat, the first thing you'll probably do is celebrate - hooray!

But there are a few other vital things that you need to do as well. In this video, Hero Fran runs though the first use instructions for your new mat. He also shares few tips for making your sleeping mat last as long as possible and perform at its best, handy!

The dog ate your headphones and you don't want to wake up your pet spider? Read on for written instructions...

What's included with my mat?

Your mat comes with a repair kit including fabric patch, glue, and instructions. Hang onto it, you never know when you'll need it!

When it arrives

Inflate your mat as soon as it arrives, (and preferably not on its first trip) as it takes a while for the foam to decompress the first time. We recommend leaving it for a minimum of 30 minutes, but the longer the better.

Inflating your mat
  • Unroll and open out your mat.

  • Open the valve and breathe into it a few times.

  • Once the mat is firm, close the valve.

Packing your mat
  • Open the valve and roll up the mat, kneeling on it as you do so to squeeze the air out.

  • Once rolled, close the valve and unroll the mat.

  • Open the valve and roll up again, squeezing all the air out.

Storing your mat

It is best to store your mat uncompressed, unrolled, and with the valve open. Find a cool, dry spot that's out of direct sunlight for your mat to live in, like down the side of a wardrobe or under the bed.

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