Lightweight inflatable camping mat with pump

An insulated camping mat for multiday backpacking escapades

By Kenny Stocker

According to Pat Kinsella's insulated camping mat review on T3, the Alpkit Whisper camping mat seems to strike a harmonious balance between comfort, weight, and pack space. Pat showcases its adaptability, emphasizing its appropriateness for diverse adventures from backpacking to multiday kayaking. Through his extensive use, from Scotland's West Highland Way to garden campouts, the Whisper stands out as a top-tier camping mat, notably with its competitive price and sustainable approach, being made predominantly from recycled materials.

The Alpkit Whisper is a very reasonably priced, lightly insulated camping mat that is ideal for fast-paced, lightweight backpacking and bikepacking adventures in typical British conditions from the start of spring through to autumn. It’s wide, comfortable and packs away nice and neatly.

Key features that caught Pat's attention include the mat's mummy shape and its 100% recycled Nylon ripstop construction. Insulation, provided by Thermolite EcoMade, further reinforces its credentials. The mat’s R-value of 2.5 makes it apt for 3-season use, a claim Pat validates, having felt warm even during November in the Scottish Highlands.

The Whisper's design caters to users who prioritize comfort, evident from its baffled design with 7cm deep ridges. Additionally, its name holds true, offering a quiet sleep even for those who tend to move around. Its light weight combined with an easily packable size further enhances its appeal for backpackers and bikepackers alike.

In terms of inflation and reliability, while Pat mentions some minor issues with the pump sack, he appreciates the easy-to-use valve system. The mat's durability is underscored by Alpkit's 3-year warranty and the brand's commendable repair service.

In Pat's eyes, the Alpkit Whisper emerges as a versatile camping mat. It might have its limitations, but considering its price and the value it brings to the table, it's undoubtedly a prime choice for many adventurers looking for a comfortable camping experience.

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