Ultralight camping with synthetic sleeping bag

Ultra-packable Primaloft Gold sleeping bag delivers warmth without bulk

By Kenny Stocker

A detailed review of the Alpkit Ultra 120 sleeping bag, highlighting its features and benefits for backpackers seeking a lightweight and compact sleep solution.

When you want to go far, fast and light an ultra-packable sleeping bag is crucial, but at what cost..

John Manning reviews our Ultra 120 sleeping bag for The Great Outdoors. Focusing on its design and usability in the great outdoors, the John provides a thorough evaluation of this product's strengths for the lightweight camper.

John says

The Alpkit Ultra 120 is not just another sleeping bag; it is a testament to minimalist design and efficiency. It offers excellent value, providing top-tier PrimaLoft Gold insulation known for its superior warmth-to-weight ratio.

It’s a fine example of the adage that you get what you pay for: your £200 gets you PrimaLoft Gold insulation, one of the best warmth-to-weight ratio synthetic fills on the market. That – and the fact that every other feature is minimal in nature – makes this bag truly lightweight and ensures it occupies very little space in your pack.

The bag's construction is optimised for weight savings, evidenced by a shortened zip that reduces overall bulk and weight. However, this feature may limit its versatility as a blanket on colder nights, suggesting a trade-off between weight and comfort.

The bag is suitable for warmer conditions or quick trips where a light pack is essential. Despite its tight fit, it offers adequate comfort once the insulation warms up, which may take a few minutes after settling in.

We say

The Ultra 120 sleeping bag shines as a lightweight and compact option for liughtweight bikepacking, backpacking or adventure racing. The top of the range Primaloft Gold insulation comes close to down performance with the benefits of superior water resistance.

Read Johns full article.

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