Cloud Peak 200

Synthetic 2 season sleeping bag

€84,99 €94,99

Synthetic fill 2 season sleeping bag with a 4°C limit for camping late spring to early autumn. Uses hard-wearing, easy-care materials for heavy use

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Cloud Peak 200 Synthetic 2 season sleeping bag

€84,99 €94,99

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The Cloud Peak 200 is a 2 season sleeping bag designed for camping from late spring to early autumn in typical UK conditions. Excelling in damp conditions, it's ideal for bivvying or soggy backpacking when you can’t guarantee to keep your kit dry all weekend.

  • Thermolite insulation is highly compressible and recovers well for repeated use
  • Synthetic fill works better when damp, ideal for multi-day trips
  • Durable outer fabric can take more of a beating for regular camping

Keeping your sleeping bag in top condition isn’t easy, especially in wet conditions, on multi-day trips or for whole seasons of use. The Cloud Peak 200 uses 200gsm Thermolite Ecomade insulation, a compressible fill with a high warmth to weight ratio. Like other synthetic fill, it retains its structure when damp, keeping you warm and not clumping like down can. This makes synthetic bags ideally suited to damp or condensation-heavy camping and bivvying.

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The Thermolite Ecomade fill also recovers better after repeated compressions, providing long-lasting warmth for repeated use, season after season. It has much better washing durability too, so you don’t need to worry about bunging your bag in the washing machine when it gets a bit musty.

We’ve combined this long-lasting insulation with a hard-wearing nylon ripstop outer, to make Cloud Peak 200 a sleeping bag that’s designed to stand up to repeated heavy use. The outer fabric is treated with a PFC-free water repellent for extra damp protection.

The Cloud Peak 200 uses slightly tapered mummy shape, which uses less energy to warm up and a stitch-through construction to keep its weight down. A drawstring closure hood and neck baffle, and full-length zip baffle are there to keep out the draughts. The Cloud Peak comes with an adjustable stuff sack to pack your sleeping bag down as small as possible.

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Key Features

  • Thermolite insulation is highly compressible and recovers well for repeated use
  • Synthetic fill works better when damp, ideal for multi-day trips
  • Durable outer fabric can take more of a beating for regular camping
  • Fill is designed to withstand repeated washing
  • Drawstring neck baffles and hood and a full-length zip baffle to lock in warmth
  • Baffles use a stitch-through construction saving fabric and weight
  • Outer fabric is treated with a PFC water repellent for greater damp resistance
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats

Temperature Ratings

AK Sleep Limit: 4°C/39.2°F
Our recommended usable limit of the bag. The majority of our customers will find this to be the tipping point between a comfortable and restless nights sleep.

TOG EN13537 Comfort EN13537 Limit EN13537 Extreme*
6 8°C/46.4°F 4°C/39.2°F -10°C/14°F

* The Extreme rating is the temperature at which the average woman can remain for six hours without risk of DEATH from hypothermia - but can still sustain cold injuries - under EN13537 conditions. We do not recommend using this bag in these weather conditions, or making your purchasing decision based on this value.


Fill: 200gsm2 Thermolite T3E-ML Ecomade
Outer Fabric: 40d nylon, 300T ripstop, 54g/m2
Inner Fabric: 20d polyester, 45g/m2


Internal: 200cm x 80cm (widest point)


1100g (stuff sack weights 100g)

Origin: China

Care & Environmental Advice

Product Care Information

Your sleeping bag doesn’t like to feel cooped up. Storing it uncompressed will extend its life and allow it to regain its loft quicker after unpacking.

Environmental considerations

Thermolite Ecomade
Thermolite EcoMade is a polyester-based insulation using 35% recycled content, including from plastic bottles.

The Cloud Peak 200 uses a PFC-free durable water repellent treatment on its outer fabric to help shed moisture. PFCs are potentially harmful chemicals that have been found to build up in the environment.


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