Compressing a compact lightweight summer sleeping bag

PD200 still our best lightweight down sleeping bag

By Kenny Stocker

The PipeDream 200 down sleeping bag is the best value lightweight goosedown sleeping bag in the UK. Find out why LFTO think this is so..

PipeDream 200 is one of our lightest sleeping bags. Reviewed many times over the years for its performance as a summer sleeping bag, this review focuses on the bag's lightweight, minimalist design and its suitability for mild weather hiking.

They say

The PipeDream 200 is appreciated for its ultra-lightweight design, weighing less than 600 grams, making it an excellent choice for hikers who prioritise minimalism. It compresses down to a remarkably small size, a mere 15cm by 12cm, ensuring that it takes up minimal space in a backpack.

Superb for summer backpacking and bikepacking.

The use of DownTek hydrophobic down enhances the PipeDream 200’s performance by improving its resistance to moisture.

In terms of comfort, the PipeDream 200 offers a mummy shape that is less restrictive than other models, like the Rab Neutrino, providing a balance between snugness and roominess. Its comfort rating of around 7°C indicates that it is intended for use in mild weather, though there are warmer versions available for colder conditions.

Additionally, the materials used, such as the 20D fabric, are PFC-free, aligning with a commitment as a certified B Corp to uphold environmental standards in its products.

We say

PipeDream 200 is our go to lightweight bag for bikepackers, backpackers and runners seeking a light and compact sleeping bag for summer adventures. With its lightweight design and eco-friendly features, our PipeDream 200 has been recommended year after year for minimalist hikers looking for a reliable summer sleeping bag.

Read the full group test by visiting LFTO.

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