Journeys By Foot

Journeys By Foot

By Rob Savin>

Al Humphreys, Athena Mellor and Chris Townsend joined us on 20 January to talk about the joy of journeys by foot and spending nights outdoors.

It really was night to remember as our guests shared stories of their past adventures, gave tips for your own and answered questions asked from the thousand people who attended. Totally inspirational.

Here's a bit about our panelists.

Al Humphreys: Alpkiteer, Writer, Adventurer, Podcaster

Al is the man who makes every adventure seem possible. And for any journey outside your house to be an adventure. Not all adventures need to be grand! Al recommends packing your bag, leaving the front door and seeing where adventure takes you.

Athena Mellor: Writer, Adventurer YouTuber

Over 50,000 people follow Athena's YouTube channel, where takes us with her on rambles, wild camps and adventures. She's got loads of good advice on getting out, where to go and even how to go on multi-day trips with your dog!

Chris Townsend: Legendary Hillwalker, Writer

Chris Townsend is an inspiration. He's written over 20 books, walked 3,100miles from Canada to Mexico on the Continental Divide Trail, walked back again on the Pacific Crest Trail and has another book coming out this year. In this webinar Chris talks about how to make walking trips manageable, where he gets water from and how he managed to walk 23 days carrying his food for the entire time.

Watch the Webinar!

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