Titanium folding camping stove

TGO recommended lightweight camping stove for mountaineers and hillwalkers

By Kenny Stocker

TGO magazine shortlisted our Koro titanium stove for 2024. This lightweight, compact gem is a favorite among hikers and campers alike.

Our Koro titanium camping stove has been shortlisted as one of the best camping stoves for 2024.

As reviewed by TGO Magazine, it combines simplicity, lightness, and affordability into a compact package, making it an attractive option for campers, mountaineers and hikers.

Weighing just 126g, this pressure-regulated, remote-canister stove is designed for all-season use and is compatible with a wide range of pot sizes. Its construction features titanium for reduced weight and a brass preheat tube for efficient gas vaporisation at lower temperatures.

With a power output of 2800W it is capable of boiling water in an average of 5 minutes, the Koro features advantages such as an inverted canister design for improved performance in colder conditions and the ability to pack down small for easy transport in your pack.

Reviewed by David Lintern, he highlights design features that make the burner suitable for wider pots, like a 900ml Titan kettle, though he notes taller pots might not fit as well.

Three foldable titanium legs give better stability than taller-all-in-one stoves and the three pot supports fold away neatly during transport. An armoured yet flexible hose, paired with a small flame control/regulator at the canister end, adds to the stove’s practicality. While the Koro delivers robust power, it is noted that there are quicker options available.

David points out that a half-height windshield is required for optimal performance in windy weather, such as our Concertina windshield perhaps.

It is in cold weather that the Koro really delivers. The feature to invert the canister is particularly beneficial in cold temperatures or when the canister is running low.

TGO reviewer David likes the Koro enough to own one himself, praising its simplicity, portability, and affordability. Although there are faster and more gas-efficient stoves available.

Read Davids full Koro camping stove review on TGO.

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